Amsler grid

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1. a grating.
2. in radiology, a device consisting essentially of a series of narrow lead strips closely spaced on their edges and separated by spacers of low density material; used to reduce the amount of scattered radiation reaching the x-ray film.
3. a chart with horizontal and perpendicular lines for plotting curves.
Amsler grid see Amsler charts.
baby grid a direct-reading chart on infant growth.
cross-hatched grid two linear grids that are superimposed at right angles to each other, used for maximal scatter cleanup.
Cross-hatched grids are fabricated by sandwiching two linear grids together so that their grid strips are perpendicular. From Bushong, 2001.
grid cutoff differences in radiographic intensity that are caused by improper focusing of the lead lines of a grid.
focused grid a linear grid in which all of the lead strips are aligned in a tilted fashion toward a centering point.
linear grid a grid designed to permit the passage of the primary beam by having lead lines aligned in the same direction separated by radiolucent interspacing material. There are two types, parallel and focused.
Wetzel grid a direct-reading chart for evaluating physical fitness in terms of body build, developmental level, and basal metabolism.

Am·sler chart

a 10-cm square divided into 5-mm squares on which may be projected a defect in the central visual field.
Synonym(s): Amsler grid

Amsler grid

Etymology: Marc Amsler, Swiss ophthalmologist, 1891-1968
a checkerboard grid of intersecting dark horizontal and vertical lines with one dark spot in the middle. To discover a visual field defect, the person simply covers or closes one eye and looks at the spot with the other. A visual field defect is perceived as a defect, distortion, blank, or other fault in the grid. The person may record the defects directly on a paper copy of the grid that may be kept as a permanent record. The Amsler grid is used in testing for macular degeneration.

Amsler grid

[Marc Amsler, Swiss ophthalmologist, 1891–1968]
A grid of lines with a center black dot used by patients with macular degeneration to detect early worsening of their disease. Loss of vision in part of the grid or distortion of the lines (metamorphopsia) requires emergent evaluation for possible fluid or blood in the macula.
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To order an Amsler grid to give you a timely warning of changes in your eye health, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Medical Update.
To receive a free email subscription and Amsler grid to be mailed to you, log on to www.
The tailoring of the eye exam to include the use of one of the aforementioned colour vision tests or a central visual field examination (including Amsler grid testing) would be wise, along with a full slit-lamp examination to check for both corneal deposits and any signs of retinopathy.
org/ and 1-866-702-EYES (866-702-3937), a free information hotline to receive information and free Amsler Grids.
Supplementary tests may be indicated at the end of a visit, in particular the Amsler grid, which should be used in the presence of drusen or any other suspected maculopathy.
And, because dry AMD can progress to wet AMD, if you have dry AMD, you might want to discuss with your health care professional whether you should use an Amsler grid to check each eye periodically for signs of wet AMD.
Initial clinical evaluation involves a comprehensive history and eye examination including Amsler grid testing, dilation and thorough ophthalmoscopy.