Marc, Swiss ophthalmologist, 1891-1968. See: Amsler chart, Amsler grid, Amsler test.
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The specialized manufacturer of value added yarn systems for spinning frames Amsler Tex informed about its novelties, which it will present at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona.
Amsler examines how Jesuits adapted their masculinity to Chinese Confucian gender norms, and how Chinese women connected with the Catholic religion spread by the missionaries.
She is survived by her stepdaughter, Cheri Davis, granddaughter, Erin Amsler, brother, John "Jack" Nieds, sister, Carol Loesch and beloved nieces and nephews.
Management protocols were adapted to educate patients on the importance of home screenings with Amsler grids and frequent follow up for high risk patients.
The creme de la creme of the past season includes The Emperor of America of Studio 12 and Poton Theatre, a literary work of Martin Pollack staged by Michal Ditte and Iveta Ditte Jurcova; a sci-fi dramatisation by the Strugacki brothers, The Stalker - Teatro Tatro, adapted and directed by Ondrej SpiA!ak; local Andrej Bagar Theatre's People, Places and Things (written by Duncan Macmillan and directed by Marian Amsler); State Theatre KoA!ice's The RE-Unificaiton of Two Koreas by Joel Pommerat - directed by Julia Razusova; and the physical theatre Wow!
Several different procedures can be performed to diagnose a retinal problem or to determine the extent or severity of that disorder and include a comprehensive eye examination which may include: 1) visual acuity test; 2) dilated eye exam; 3) Amsler grid; 4) angiography; 5) optical coherence tomography (OCT); 6) ultrasonography; 7) computed tomography (CT); 8) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); and 9) electroretinography (Khazaeni, L., 2018;
In addition to failing the objective machine and computer tests, I also flunked a subjective test, the Amsler Grid Test.
It acts only as an enrichment zone when all the leaves produce enrichment axes (Amsler et al., 2005; Perreta et al., 2011).
Greenville, S.C., Past Chairman Scott Colter, Colter Electric Company Winston Salem, N.C., CECA Liaison Allen Amsler, McCrory Construction Company Columbia, S.C.
In medicine, an Amsler grid is used for examining which part of the body?