Marc, Swiss ophthalmologist, 1891-1968. See: Amsler chart, Amsler grid, Amsler test.
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Amsler grid--use an Amsler grid with diagonal lines and a dot in the centre.
First, second and third place winners will be selected by renowned pastry chef, Jorg Amsler, and Chef Dawn Parrott, CPC, recent grand prize winner of the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show.
The guide includes color illustrations, the Amsler grid self--screening tool, resources, and a glossary.
A preform cooling system which is claimed to bring "major productivity improvements" for manufacturers of PET containers has been developed by Canadian all-electric, reheat stretch-blow moulding machine manufacturer W Amsler Equipment.
For custom blow molders, the L515 reduces tooling costs and eliminates the need for two blow-molding machines to serve intermediate, medium-volume markets, according to company president Werner Amsler.
The Amsler grid is a subjective test that is sensitive only to drastic changes, but not to those that develop over longer periods.
The 38,000-square-foot, two-story facility was designed by the Boston architectural firm of Amsler, Mashek, MacLean.
com, for Accuray; or Nicole Amsler of Accuray, +1-408-716-4678, or namsler@accuray.
To send examples, write a short e-mail to Terry Amsler at the Institute for Local Government at tamsler@ ca-ilg.
And, because dry AMD can progress to wet AMD, if you have dry AMD, you might want to discuss with your health care professional whether you should use an Amsler grid to check each eye periodically for signs of wet AMD.
Daily use of the Amsler Grid (right) can provide timely warning of changes in your eye health.
managed to prevent a movie project about his kidnapping by obtaining a restraining order which temporarily prevents the convicted kidnappers, Barry Keenan, Joseph Amsler and John Irwin, from receiving any payment from Columbia Pictures, who planned to produce the film.