Amplatz, Kurt

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Kurt, 20th century U.S. cardiologist.
Amplatz angiography needle
Amplatz aortography catheter
Amplatz cardiac catheter
Amplatz coronary catheter
Amplatz II curve
AMPLATZER septal occluder
Amplatz fascial dilator
Amplatz femoral catheter
Amplatz guide
Amplatz injector
Amplatz Super Stiff guide wire
Amplatz torque wire
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Via the left femoral arterial sheath, an 8 Fr Amplatz guide catheter was placed into the proximal descending aorta and two Lunderquist (Cook Medical, Bloomington, Indiana) wires were sequentially placed into the aortic arch through this catheter.
Contract awarded for 16-0153 *** r # 1 liner type extrarigido lunderquist stainless steel with cover teflon 0.035 "diameter and length 260cm with 4cm tip straight flexible and length of 15cm coil for use of placement endoprotesis.f / t.53031 *** r # 2 superrigido type amplatz guide wire.
A super stiff Amplatz guide wire (Boston Scientific; Boston, MA) was introduced through the needle and coiled in the gastric fundus.
A 140 cm, unmarked, polytetrafluoroethylene coated, 0.35 mm diameter Amplatz guide wire was then passed through the injection port of the FOS and advanced through the working channel until it could be visualised within the trachea beyond the tip of the scope.
A 5-Fr SOS OMNI Selective Catheter (Angio-Dynamics, Queensbury, NY) was then advanced more distally over an Amplatz guide wire into the left gastric artery.