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Etymology: Gk, amphoteros, pertaining to both
a quality of a chemical compound that permits it to act as an acid or a base. amphoteric, adj., n.


The property of being amphoteric.


, amphoterous (am″fŏ-ter′ik) (am-fot′ĕr-ŭs) [Gr. amphoteros, each or both of two]
Being able to react as both an acid and a base.
amphoterism (am″fŏ-ter′izm)
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In order to address these challenges, BASF researchers have prepared anionic, ampholytic copolymers designed to meet the constraints of low VOC formulations.
Kim, Son Nguyen; Lanbender, Matthias; Pierobon, Marianna; Winter, Gabi; Anionic, Ampholytic Copolymers for Low-Voc-Compositions, United States Patent Application 20080219934; September 11, 2008; assigned to BASF Aktiengesellschaft
Chemcinnate 2000 exhibits skin conditioning properties due to the ampholytic nature of its polar head group.