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A genus of small, translucent, fishlike chordates found in warm marine waters. Members are structurally similar to vertebrates in having a notochord, gills, digestive tract, and nerve cord, but they lack paired fins, vertebrae, ribs, or a skull for example, Branchiostoma lanceolatum.
[amphi- + G. oxys, sharp]


See lancelet.


the disused scientific, though better-known, name for Branchiostoma (the lancet), a PROTOCHORDATE found in many parts of the world. Its embryonic development has been extensively studied and is used in texts as an example of a link between invertebrates and vertebrates. It feeds by ciliary action, trapping food particles in mucus.
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That dubious position, however, makes amphioxus the darling of biologists who seek humanity's ancient origins.
In Holland's laboratory and others around the world, new studies of amphioxus are starting to reveal critical clues about the biological leap that produced all vertebrates, from lampreys to lizards to lawyers.
Instead of tallying all genes in amphioxus and other animals, scientists have simplified the problem by comparing the numbers in select families of genes.
In addition, the combination of the Amphioxus cell line and the Incyte database is helping to confirm new drug targets in areas like diabetes, obesity, lipid metabolism, and cancer.
To determine whether the amphioxus hox genes lay on one chromosome, Garcia-Fernandez carried out a "chromosome walk," a tedious analytical technique for determining the order and position of genes.
Like nematodes, amphioxus uses a single set of hox genes.
The DNA of the modern-day amphioxus does in fact reflect the makeup of the invertebrate ancestor of all vertebrates, comments John W.
Germain, and Norman Sussman, each of whom had been a director of Amphioxus.
President and Chief Executive Officer of Amphioxus, has been elected to the same offices with Stem Cell.
a division of Perbio Science AB (Stockholm: PBIO), and Amphioxus Cell Technologies today announced a co-marketing agreement involving two complementary platform technologies used in high-throughput drug discovery.
The ACTIVTox(R) Drug Discovery Platform of Amphioxus Cell Technologies is a human liver cell line that faithfully reproduces normal hepatocyte function.
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