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A malformed fetus with rudimentary head, limbs, and heart.
[G. ā- priv. + morphē, form, shape]
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It is problable that amorphus calcium silicate plays an important role in the friction performance, as seen in the friction level, and the third body layer is actually generated but its stability -as that of the friction level- is poor.
Sin localidad precisa (Burt, 1926; Lemke, 1964a) Aleurodiscus amorphus (Pers.) J.
There are types like myelacephalus, acephalus and amorphus. Hydramnios and cystic hygroma are common.
In the first case, CT of the left hip with contrast revealed an amorphus calcified soft tissue mass with multicystic fluid levels located in the left proximal thigh Figure 1A, B and C (arrows) consistent with the clinical setting as above with tumoral calcinosis secundary to end stage renal disease.
The major differential diagnosis is fetus acardius amorphus. This reported case is first of its kind till date all previously reported cases were of benign mature placental teratoma.