ammonium nitrate

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am·mo·ni·um ni·trate

Used in making nitrous oxide gas (i.e. lauging gas), and in freezing mixtures, matches, and fertilizers; also used in veterinary medicine as a urinary acidifier, as an expectorant, and has diuretic activity.
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Stirol (STIR) reported a 4x m/m increase in monthly ammonia nitrate production to 20,000t in February, and management said they are aiming to operate at full capacity by year-end, according to Interfax.
Year Notice of Violations/SSO Events 2002 [NH.sub.4] [NO.sub.3] (6), Cl(5), SS(1), FCw(l), FCs (3) 2003 [NH.sub.4][NO.sub.3](2), FCw (4), FCs (4) 2004 [NH.sub.4] [NO.sub.3] (6), FCw (4), FCs (2) 2005 FCw(3), FCs(l), SSO(4) 2006 [NH.sub.4][NO.sub.3],(4), FCw(l), FCs(2), SSO(l) 2007 [NH.sub.4][NO.sub.3](3), FCw(l) [NH.sub.4] [NO.sub.3]: Ammonia Nitrate, CI: Chlorine, SS: Suspended Solid, FCw: Fecal Coliforms (winter), FCs: Fecal Coliforms (summer), SSO: Sanitary Sewer Overflow In 2005, the ADEM issued a notice of violation to the city of Dadeville to correct the ammonia nitrate violations that had occurred nearly one year earlier.
A 30-metre "exclusion zone" was set up as cops warned that the chemical, believed to be ammonia nitrate, could cause skin and eye irritation.
KPI was prompted to build the new unit by growing demand for ammonia nitrate. The new factory will be built in cooperation with PT Dahana, which is known as a producer of explosives and PT Pupuk Kaltim, and foreign investors such as from sweded and France to provide fund and technology.
It had an ME of 10.6 MJ/kg DM, a crude protein content of 185 g/kg DM and an ammonia nitrate content of 3.7 percent of total nitrogen.
(Ammonia nitrate fertilizer was used to make the bomb that destroyed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City).
All three denied possessing an explosive device - ammonia nitrate - with intent to endanger life.
An official said: "They contain numbers of incredibly dangerous items including 600 pounds of ammonia nitrate.
Spokesman for the Center for Security Information Brigadier Yahya Rasool said in a statement that "the forces of the Command of Samarra Operations arrested a wanted terrorist under Article 4 of terrorism in the checkpoint of Al-Huweish, and detonated a cache of equipment of the remnant of Daesh gangs containing 15 explosive devices and (65) bombs and (100) kg of ammonia nitrate, and found 4 improvised explosive devices in the area of Banat al-Hassan near the Rasasi river after conducting an inspection there, and arrested (5) wanted suspects according to different legal materials within the Ishaqi area and two others in Dhuluiya.
Supply of one million white transparent sacks, for the packaging of ammonia sulfate & other one million red sacks for the packaging of ammonia nitrate. Ref.
However, it was partially offset by higher nitrogen fertiliser sales (+5% QoQ to 627 tonnes), as well as a strong pricing environment across nearly the entire product range - prices for ammonia nitrate (AN), which contributed 27% of Acron's 2Q12 sales, grew 7% QoQ to $331/tonne, while NPK prices (34% of sales) increased 2% QoQ to $459/tonne.