ammonium nitrate

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am·mo·ni·um ni·trate

Used in making nitrous oxide gas (i.e. lauging gas), and in freezing mixtures, matches, and fertilizers; also used in veterinary medicine as a urinary acidifier, as an expectorant, and has diuretic activity.


a hypothetical radical, NH4, forming salts analogous to those of the alkaline metals. See also ammonia.

ammonium acetate
a weak diuretic and feed supplement.
ammonium bifluoride
wood preservative; causes diarrhea and fall in milk yield in cattle.
ammonium carbonate, ammonium chloride
saline expectorants used for the purpose of liquefying pulmonary secretions. Effectiveness has not been proven. They are sometimes used as a reflex stimulant because of the strong ammonia given off. The chloride salt is used mainly as a urinary acidifier. Excessive dosage may produce acidosis.
ammonium magnesium phosphate
see magnesium ammonium phosphate.
ammonium metavanadate
experimentally causes vanadium poisoning.
ammonium nitrate
causes nitrate poisoning.
ammonium oxalate
causes oxalate poisoning.
ammonium phosphate
a feed additive for cattle. The monobasic salt provides 27% phosphorus and 13% nitrogen, while the dibasic salt provides 23% phosphorus and 21% nitrogen.
ammonium sulfamate
used as a herbicide; cattle and deer eating treated plants may be poisoned.
ammonium sulfate
causes ammonia poisoning.
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Stirol (STIR) reported a 4x m/m increase in monthly ammonia nitrate production to 20,000t in February, and management said they are aiming to operate at full capacity by year-end, according to Interfax.
In 2005, the ADEM issued a notice of violation to the city of Dadeville to correct the ammonia nitrate violations that had occurred nearly one year earlier.
Magnida would turn natural gas into ammonia nitrate fertilizer for domestic farmers.
Supply of one million white transparent sacks, for the packaging of ammonia sulfate & other one million red sacks for the packaging of ammonia nitrate.
However, we believe this should be partially offset by higher nitrogen fertiliser sales (+5% QoQ to 627 tonnes), as well as a strong pricing environment across nearly the entire product range - prices for ammonia nitrate (AN), which contributed 27% of Acron's 2Q12 sales, grew 7% QoQ to $331/tonne, while NPK prices (34% of sales) increased 2% QoQ to $459/tonne.
According to NBA members, ammonia nitrate is now being delivered on farm at around pounds 292 a tonne compared with about pounds 200 in December 2009, the price of 20-5-5 compound is about pounds 300 compared with pounds 210, and 20-10-10 is being purchased for pounds 320 when it was being delivered for around pounds 230 exactly 12 months ago.
Two tenders for the transport of (a) containers from Alexandria Port to the factories in El Tebbin, also (b) pure ammonia nitrate from El Tebbin to Alexandria Port.
Ammonia nitrate, urea, and polyamide sales growth contributed the most to the overall YoY revenue increase, resulting from higher volumes and prices, while caprolactam sales volumes decreased due to more volumes being processed internally into polyamide.
GrowHow UK, which employs 200 workers at its factory in Billingham, Teesside, was forced to stop production of ammonia nitrate at the start of the month following a severe downturn in demand.
Contract Awarded for Construction and component fabrication for CF Industries% new urea ammonia nitrate and nitric acid units, offsites and utilities at its complex in Donaldsonville, La.
Supply of one million white transparent sacks for the packaging of ammonia sulfate and one million red transparent sacks for the packaging of ammonia nitrate.