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Greek name of Egyptian god Amun. See: Ammon's horn.


Friedrich A. von, German ophthalmologist and pathologist, 1799-1861. See: Ammon fissure, Ammon prominence.


Greek name of the Egyptian god Amun.
Ammon horn - one of the two interlocking gyri composing the hippocampus, the other being the dentate gyrus. Synonym(s): cornu ammonis
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Prior to this, Ammon spent more than 11 years with Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group holding various leadership positions.
The king of Ammon demanded that Jephthah return the land to the Ammonites because Israel took away my land, when he came up out of Egypt, from the Arnon even unto the Jabbok, and unto the Jordan (Judg.
The dissonance between policy and reality sometimes creates tension with leaders, parents and students," Ammon says.
Compton had to wait until the age of 29 to make his international debut in the current Test series with India and whilst he started the series understandably nervously with every innings it is becoming clearer that he is every inch a Test match batsman," Ammon wrote in her column for the Daily Mirror.
LIFETIME: Some of the pupils selected include William Thomas, Ammon Mattu, Lauren Ramsay, Rosie Rowe
Ammon had earlier participated in the inauguration of a school in a village six kilometers east of Hebron.
Ovis ammon gmelini is a large mountain sheep inhabiting the mountains, steppecovered valleys and rocky outcrops of Iran and neighboring countries.
The award, given to commemorate the name of Linda Ammon CBE, chief executive of UK Skills between 2001 and 2004 who died of cancer, acknowledges an individual who has shown tireless dedication and been key in making training happen.
A brief consultation with a few mock interview questions, and before she's out the door, every woman, like Ammon, feels like a million bucks.
Von Ammon demonstrates convincingly the importance of the title that accompanies each distich.
Ammon directed the $50,000 gift that accompanies her Paradigm honor to the institute and then added a personal matching grant of $50,000 as well as an equal contribution from Endo, which is based in nearby Chadds Ford, Pa.
Daniel Pelosi (40) married Generosa Ammon after her husband, Ted, was found bludgeoned to death at his mansion in East Hampton, the summer resort of wealthy New Yorkers.