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Greek name of Egyptian god Amun. See: Ammon's horn.


Friedrich A. von, German ophthalmologist and pathologist, 1799-1861. See: Ammon fissure, Ammon prominence.
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Greek name of the Egyptian god Amun.
Ammon horn - one of the two interlocking gyri composing the hippocampus, the other being the dentate gyrus. Synonym(s): cornu ammonis
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ammon, the Altai argali of the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia and adjacent northwestern China.
Executives from Ammon Labs were joined at the conference by West Orange Police Chief James Abbott, Morris County Sheriff James Gannon and Sue Ferrere, manager, technical assistance with the Pretrial Justice Institute, to discuss community-oriented solutions to "help stem the deadly scourge of substance misuse and place thousands on a path towards sustainable recovery."
"I'm honored and excited to join CLC," said Ammon. "For nearly five decades, the college has successfully prepared graduates for transfer or immediate employment.
"Silents are incredibly true to their name, in that they're not necessarily going to broadcast what they want," Ammon says.
Ammon rejoins the Carlson Rezidor Group following 18 months in Germany as general manager of Dorint Pallas in Wiesbaden.
Marcus Mumford, a lawyer for Ammon Bundy, told the court the intent of the peaceful protest was to draw attention to the federal government's illegal control and mismanagement of public lands, not to intimidate federal employees.
And Israel smote him with the edge of the sword, and possessed his land from the Arnon unto the Jabbok, unto the children of Ammon; for the border of the children of Ammon was strong.
Ammon Bundy is one of seven people now in custody after the FBI attempted to stop the men while they were driving to a community meeting.
Tim Ammon, who assesses route efficiency for Maryland-based School Bus Consultants, urges district to determine if policies can be changed at the local level to coordinate bell times or to reduce the number of bus stops.
An opening address from Dr Peter Ammon, German Ambassador to the UK, will precede a keynote speech by Education Minister Huw Lewis.
Zohair Moghsen schooled Ammon finally shed his maiden status with a narrow win over Bersha in the Local Thoroughbred Maiden Plate.