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religious group found in 22 states and Canada; stresses community life and separation from the modern world.
Amish brittle hair syndrome - syndrome noted in the Amish, characterized by short stature, brittle hair, decreased fertility, mild intellectual impairment; hair noted to be without scales. Synonym(s): hair-brain syndrome
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Sabina also proffered a feminist reminder of modernity's beneficence to women, and included more overtly feminist commentary than most Amish novels today.
Dorothy's recent book, A Quilted Bridge: The Amish Welsh Connection, has been of as much interest to Jen, dealing as it does with the historic relationship between these two very similar textiles on both sides of the pond.
Siana's family moved to the UK from Sierra Leone when she was a toddler, and she's keen to learn why the Amish want to keep their traditions alive.
Although forgiveness is part of the broad Christian tradition, the authors explored the Amish distinctiveness in Part Two.
This year, Amish Spirit Quilts has seen international orders come in from Switzerland, Turkey, Australia and even the Onondoga Nation.
Neal, Anita Gandolfo, and Pamela Regis, and cultural studies of the Amish, a field that sociologist John A.
The menu is also sprinkled with surprises you don't expect to find at an Amish restaurant: Asian chicken salad, ''Amish quesadillas'' (chicken, cheese and mushrooms), and a salad of mixed greens, crumbled gorgonzola cheese and dried cranberries.
The show will feature the '90s "Ice Ice Baby" rapper living in an Amish community in Ohio to learn how they do construction, said DIY executive Burton Jablin.
The Kentucky Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of eight Amish men who were fined and jailed in September 2011 for violating a law requiring all slow-moving vehicles to display a bright orange triangle.