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religious group found in 22 states and Canada; stresses community life and separation from the modern world.
Amish brittle hair syndrome - syndrome noted in the Amish, characterized by short stature, brittle hair, decreased fertility, mild intellectual impairment; hair noted to be without scales. Synonym(s): hair-brain syndrome
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Carmela has been learning some things about Amish culture ever since her marriage to Jeremiah, but she appears to get a wakeup call when the group assembles at Ada's house for a home-cooked meal.
He excels in bringing the reader up to date on Amish culture, from their movement off the farm into factory work, where the members can use power equipment if it belongs to someone else, to the rise of home businesses like quilt shops or organic vegetable farms.
Of course, neither Amish nor Hutterite homes are dirty, and it's important to keep in mind that a too-clean home can have negative effects on personal health as well, amishasthma
Countryside Amish Furniture is your direct source for authentic, handcrafted Amish furniture.
After living in several Amish communities, struggles led them to leave Michigan and the Old Order Amish for a less strict Amish-Mennonite community in Missouri.
Donald Kraybill utilizes a scholar's keen analysis and a storyteller's charm to tell the true story of an Amish splinter group and their most unorthodox behavior.
She readily acknowledges her enjoyment of Amish romances and is equally transparent about her religious affiliation (she and her husband belong to the Mennonite Church).
The menu is also sprinkled with surprises you don't expect to find at an Amish restaurant: Asian chicken salad, ''Amish quesadillas'' (chicken, cheese and mushrooms), and a salad of mixed greens, crumbled gorgonzola cheese and dried cranberries.
A field of cornstalks a sure sign of the Amish fall harvest.