amino sugars

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a·mi·no sug·ars

sugars in which a hydroxyl group has been replaced with an amino group, for example, d-glucosamine.
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Schulten and Schnitzer have reported little variability in soil amino acids composition and thus suggested the usefulness of soil amino acids concentration as an indicator of any biological property [3 4] observed that amino acids and amino sugars were indicator of soil N responsiveness by agricultural crops.
Parsons JW (1981) Chemistry and distribution of amino sugars in soils and soil organisms.
They found that the distribution of amino sugar N was higher in agricultural soils non-responsive to N fertilization, such as those that had been manured, than in N-fertilizer-responsive soils, and was useful in estimating soil-N availability.
Bellanato, "Protection of the amino group of amino sugars by the acylvinyl group: part I, glycoside formation by the fischer reaction," Carbohydrate Research, vol.
DEEMM is a universal reagent for amino groups and has been used in amino sugar [9] and amino acid [10] chemistry, as well as for amino acid analysis [11-17].
Amino sugars represent major constituents of microbial cell walls and hydrolysable soil organic matter.
Because amino sugars are common components of polysaccharides, and since many oligosaccharides are linked to proteins via amino sugars, they are likely to be present in mucus in significant quantities.
As hypothesized, clay content had a positive effect on the retention of amino sugars. As clay content increased, the degradation rate decreased.
A daily supplement of the amino sugars glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate will stimulate cartilage production and improve joint function, while a multivitamin will help keep bones healthy.
"Common amino acids, phospho-amino acids, amino sugars, and simple sugars can be separated and detected with excellent run-to-run reproducibility," says Ruthann Kiser, director of consumables product management at Dionex.