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amines (əmēnz´), organic compounds that contain nitrogen.
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This is the first application of the Amine Guard FS technology on an FLNG facility.
The protection of amines by N-formylation reaction is one of the most important and extensively used transformations in organic synthesis [1].
The amines plant is one of 26 manufacturing facilities located within the company's 60ha chemical complex in Jubail Industrial City II, of which 14 will produce specialty products never before produced in Saudi Arabia.
As the world's only large-scale converter of acrylonitrile to adiponitrile, Ascend Specialty Chemicals Division is uniquely positioned for the production of dozens of amines, acids, esters and intermediates used in a variety of end applications.
Amines are used as stabilizers, chemical intermediates, and neutralizers in personal care application.
The global fatty amines market is driven by growing water treatment chemicals industry and increasing demand for agro-chemicals and asphalt additives, mainly in the developing countries.
We have decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of amines and hold a leading position globally with regard to these versatile intermediate products.
The importance of analyzing biogenic amines arises from their pharmacological properties and toxicological aspects and also because they may be indicators of food quality since their occurrence is normally associated with inadequate sanitary conditions during vinification (SILLA-SANTOS, 1996; PEREIRA et al.
The total market for amines has been analyzed based on the Porter's five forces model.
Based on their versatility, relatively low cost, and widespread use in each of the major markets, ethanolamines will continue to be the largest amine product type.
Amines were supplied by Sigma-Aldrich and were used as received: diethyl-enetriamine-DETA (98% purity), aminoethylethanolamine--AEEA (99% purity), diethanolamine--DEA (98% purity), triethanolamine--TEA (puriss.
26 October 2012 - Swiss specialty chemicals company Clariant AG (VTX:CLN) said on Friday it had agreed with Singaporean agribusiness firm Wilmar International Limited (SGX:F34) to form an equally-owned joint venture focused on production and sales of amines and selected amines derivatives globally.