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Atherectomy and MULTILINK Stenting Improves Gain and Outcome Trial. A trial comparing late angiographic restenosis in patients undergoing ACS MULTILINK stent implantation ± adjunctive directional coronary atherectomy (DCA).
Primary endpoint
Target vessel failure, MACE.
No benefit of angiographic restenosis of DCA and stenting compared to stenting alone; prestenting DCA carries a favourable outcome if DCA is optimally (<20% residual) performed. 

AC2993 diabetes Management Improving Glycemic Outcomes. A trial assessing AC2993 (i.e., exendin-4, exenitide)—a polypeptide that decreases plasma glucose, food intake and body weight—in improving management of type-2 diabetes in patients also receiving metformin and a sulfonylurea.
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A. ¿Cuál es la pregunta?

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The public result of this "job" can be seen in a great--and well-worn--YouTube clip of the premiere of the Amiga 1000 at New York's Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on July 23, 1985.
* <<The school of friends ("La escuela de amiga") presented two variations in its manifestation: such as pre-school schools ("parvulos") and popular girls schools ("escuelas populares de ninas")>>.
Querida amiga dice que esta preocupada porque algunas palomas han volado con palabras enmaranadas en sus alas y no han regresado.
AMIGA GRINGA: Look at old Mother Hubbard or whatever.
Indeed, the Transmeta chip was supposedly the engine behind Amiga Inc's all-singing, all-dancing multimedia hub, set-top and PC, until Gateway Inc unceremoniously ditched the Amiga hardware plans.
LOGICAL (Amiga) - Type in "The Final Cut" for construction kit.
Recent issues have included a comparison of various paint programs for Mac, IBM and Amiga, a review of color printers, and a focus on sculptors using computers for design of their works.
THE MOST POPULAR astronomy program for Macintosh computers has received a major upgrade, and a comparable version was released for Amiga computers.
I known nothing about another type of computer, the Amiga. Fortunately, Amiga owner John Morrison agreed to write this column to educate us.
Green has been refining these ideas for decades, but only recently found the technology that would make it possible to implement them: Amiga multimedia computers and the CDTV player, all from Commodore Business Machines, Inc., of West Chester, Pa.