Amidostomum anseris

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Am·i·dos·to·mum an·ser·is

(am-i-dos'tō-mŭm an'ser-is),
A species of bloodsucking nematodes, similar to those of the genus Trichostrongylus, which parasitize the gizzard and sometimes also the proventriculus and esophagus of domestic and wild ducks and geese; it it widely fatal in young birds.
[amido- + G. stoma, mouth, + L. anser, goose]
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(15) Differential diagnoses are parasitism (eg, Amidostomum species or tapeworms) and Candida species infection.
Other species are Epomidiostomum unicinatum, Capillaria spp., Tetrameras spp., Amidostomum acutum, Streptocara crassicauda, Sciadiocara rugosa, Porrocaecum crissum, strongyloides spp., Capillaria contorta, Sciadiocara rugosa.
La prueba [x.sup.2] indico que al menos un parasito se presento en una frecuencia diferente, encontrandose la Coccidia como el parasito de mayor prevalencia (93%), seguido por Ascaridia (12%), Trichuris (5%), Heterakis (3%), Tetrameres (2%), Amidostomum (1%), Raillietina (1%) y Toxocara (1%).