Veratrum viride

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Ve·ra·trum vir·'ide

the dried rhizome and roots contain therapeutically important alkaloids (cevadine, veratridine, jervine, pseudojervine, rubijervine, and several ester alkaloids of the base germine) used in the treatment of hypertensive disorders.

Veratrum viride,


a genus of the Liliaceae family of plants.

Veratrum album
contain alkaloids including protoveratrine, jervine, rubijervine, pseudojervine, veratroidine, veratralbine. Several alkaloids are extracted and used in therapeutic preparations. Poisoning by these plants causes salivation, purgation, vomiting, diuresis, excitability followed by paralysis and recumbency, then convulsions and death. Called also white hellebore, white veratrum, European veratrum.
Veratrum californicum
a poisonous weed which causes a number of congenital abnormalities especially congenital cyclopean deformity, prolonged gestation and absence of the pituitary gland in ruminants. The teratogen is cyclopamine. Called also skunk cabbage, western hellebore, false hellebore, corn-lily.
Veratrum viride
several alkaloid extracts are combined in the preparation alkavir, used as a rumenatoric and a hypotensive agent. Called also green veratrum, green hellebore, American hellebore.
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