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, whiskey (wis'kē),
An alcoholic liquid obtained by the distillation of the fermented mash of wholly or partly malted cereal grains, containing 47-53% (or higher) by volume of ethanol, at 15.56°C; it must have been stored in charred wood containers for not less than 2 years. Grains used to produce whisky are barley, maize, rye, and wheat.
[Gael, usquebaugh, water of life]


, whisky (hwĭs′kē)
A distilled alcoholic liquor made from grain. The alcohol present is ethyl alcohol.
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One of the reasons Canadian has been lagging the other whiskies in growth may be its modesty, suggests Richard McLeod, Brand Director, North American Whisky for Pernod Ricard
Now more than ever, whiskey consumers are fiercely interested in learning about stories behind the brands they consume, and whiskey is no exception" says Yvonne Briese, VP Marketing for Diageo North American whisky.
Things are good in the world of North American whiskey," exclaims Yvonne Briese, vice president of marketing for Diageo North American Whisky, whose portfolio includes the Bulleit and George Dickel brands.

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