Sambucus canadensis

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Sambucus canadensis,

n See elderberry.
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As mentioned previously, there may be few formal services available to American Indian / Native American elders with dementia living on tribal properties.
The most consistent ethnic difference was that between African American elders and the other ethnic groups in sharing groceries.
Native American elders serve as grandparents, role models, and ceremonial leaders.
An exploratory study of resilience in the lived experience of Native American elders.
Native American elders had been excluded from this multicultural (American) dialogue about God," writes Mi'kmaq author Evan T.
April 23, 2009--Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) assistant professor Jennifer Wenzel, PhD, RN, CCM has been awarded a $729,000 Mentored Research Scholar Grant from the American Cancer Society to help rural African American elders obtain quality care for cancer.
He will share with you his personal journey of growth and transformation, and enable you to lead change based upon the principles, values and laws found in the Teachings of the Native American Elders.
Gerdner (2001) conducted the first in-depth ethnographic study to explore the perception and care of Hmong American elders with dementia.
Although McKenzie's study did not compare the LRP with and without the original elements, responses to questions about the relevance of the program revealed that adding unique cultural elements was critical to the effectiveness the Life Review Program with community dwelling non-Hispanic African American elders.
CIRCLE OF LIFE: TRADITIONAL TEACHINGS OF NATIVE AMERICAN ELDERS is for any who would understand Native sacred teachings, bringing James David Audlin (Distant Eagle)'s lifetime study of oral traditions and ceremonies to general-interest audiences.
Table 5 shows the distribution of health care-seeking behavior and satisfaction with medical care of African American elders with IMG versus USMG physicians.

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