American Medical Association

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American Medical Association (AMA)

a professional association whose membership is made up of the largest group of physicians and medical students in the United States, including practitioners in all recognized medical specialties, as well as general primary care physicians. The AMA is governed by a board of trustees and house of delegates who represent various state and local medical associations and U.S. government agencies such as the Public Health Service and medical departments of the army, navy, and air force. The AMA maintains directories of all U.S. licensed physicians (including nonmembers) in the United States, including graduates of foreign medical colleges; researches prescription and nonprescription drugs; advises congressional and state legislators regarding proposed health care laws; and publishes a variety of journals that report on scientific and socioeconomic developments in the field of medicine. See also British Medical Association, Canadian Medical Association.

A·mer·i·can Med·i·cal As·so·ci·a·tion

(AMA) (ă-mer'i-kăn med'i-kăl ă-sō'sē-ā'shŭn)
Professional organization for physicians.

American Medical Association, the largest organization of medical professionals made up of U.S. licensed physicians. Missions include the advancement of its members' professional concerns; advising the U.S. government on drug policy and healthcare legislation; and publishing journals with the latest medical, social, and economic studies.
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