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 (Al) [ah-loo´mĭ-num]
a chemical element, atomic number 13, atomic weight 26.982. (See Appendix 6.) It occurs naturally in many foods in low concentrations and is also present in many pharmaceuticals and drinking water. High levels in the body can be toxic; see aluminum poisoning.
aluminum acetate solution Burow's solution.
basic aluminum carbonate gel an aluminum hydroxide–aluminum carbonate gel, used as an antacid, for treatment of hyperphosphatemia in renal insufficiency, and to prevent phosphate urinary calculi.
aluminum chloride a topical astringent solution and antiperspirant.
aluminum chlorohydrate an antiperspirant; called also aluminum hydroxychloride.
aluminum hydroxide the hydroxide of aluminum, used as an antacid and phosphate binder; the official preparation is aluminum hydroxide gel.
aluminum hydroxide gel a preparation of aluminum hydroxide in suspension or dried form, used as an antacid in the treatment of peptic ulcer and gastric hyperacidity and as a phosphate binder in treatment of phosphate nephrolithiasis.
aluminum hydroxychloride aluminum chlorohydrate.
aluminum oxide Al2O3, occurring naturally as various minerals; used in the production of abrasives, refractories, ceramics, catalysts, to strengthen dental ceramics, and in chromatography.
aluminum phosphate gel a water suspension of aluminum phosphate and some flavoring agents; used as a gastric antacid, astringent, and soothing agent.
aluminum poisoning the toxic effects of high levels of aluminum or its compounds in the body. In the gastrointestinal tract aluminum inhibits absorption of electrolytes; inhalation of aluminum fumes may cause pulmonary fibrosis; and aluminum in the bloodstream may lead to serious neurological symptoms, such as in dialysis encephalopathy.
aluminum silicate the silicate salt of aluminum, found in nature in several different hydrated forms that have pharmaceutical or dental uses; see attapulgite, fuller's earth, and kaolin.
aluminum subacetate a compound used as an astringent, diluted with water.
aluminum sulfate a compound used as an astringent solution and antiperspirant.


Symbol for aluminum.




symbol for the element aluminum.


Abbreviation for:
absolute latency
accessory ligament
acute leukaemia
ad lib
adductor longus
after loading
amyloid light chain
angiotropic lymphoma
annual leave
anterior lateral
anterior lobe
anterior leaflet
argon laser
arterial line
artificial limb
artificial lung
assisted living
atherosclerotic lesion
atypical lymphocyte
left year


Symbol for aluminum


chemical symbol, aluminum.

Patient discussion about Al

Q. What are the presenting signs of ALS? Are the upper or lower extremeties affected initialilly?

A. The most common presenting sign of ALS is asymmetric limb weakness, usually starting with the hands (problems with pinching, writing, holding things etc.) shoulders (lifting arms above head etc.) or legs (problems walking).

Other presenting signs may be problems with speaking or swallowing, although these are less common.

You may read more here:

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