American Hospital Association

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A·mer·i·can Hos·pi·tal As·so·ci·a·tion

A nonprofit organization founded in 1898 to advance the health of individuals and communities. The AHA leads, represents, and serves hospitals, health systems, and other related organizations that are accountable to the community and committed to health improvement.
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The American Hospital Association calculated that the cost to hospitals in this country for uncompensated health care was $37 billion last year, but if a significant portion of the uninsured get coverage, the cost to hospitals will decrease.
And last fall, when federal legislators demanded that hospitals collect two pages of immigration data from patients to access a $1-billion fund for uninsured care, doctors and hospital administrators, including the American Hospital Association and American Medical Association, revolted.
The American Hospital Association and state organizations are battling frantically in legislatures, regulatory proceedings and the courts to stifle competition, complaining that there is no level playing field between, for instance, general community hospitals and physician-owned specialty hospitals.
The American Hospital Association is calling on Congress to permanently ban the practice of self-referral of patients to new physician-owned specialty hospitals.
In 1972, the American Hospital Association published the Patient's Bill of Rights, which stated, "the patient has the right to receive from his physician complete current information concerning his diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in language the patient can reasonably be expected to understand" (American Hospital Association, 1975).
According to the American Hospital Association, more than 112,000 people go to hospital emergency rooms each year for scald-related injuries.
The American Hospital Association estimates up to 15,000 Canadian health care workers are employed in the U.S.A.
Now that AJR has had a chance to deposit what I presume was a hefty check from the American Hospital Association for its pullout in the April/May issue, it would be nice to see a story about how the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has emasculated local news coverage and provoked paranoia and secrecy among entities not even covered by the law.
The American Hospital Association's career center which provides access to more than 4 million resumes and 300,000 industry jobs nationwide via career
The American Hospital Association's Health Forum recently released the 2002-2003 edition of the AHA Guide.
The volume of improper payments dropped from $23 billion in fiscal 1996, reported the American Hospital Association.
To acknowledge the problem and publicly address the solution, in June 1998 the American Hospital Association agreed to work with the U.S.

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