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Abbreviation for:
acute death syndrome
acute diarrhoeal syndrome
adult day services
alcohol and drug services
alcohol dependence scale
Appraisal of Diabetes Scale
anonymous donor sperm
Attribution Data Set (Medspeak-UK)
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Patient discussion about ADS

Q. guys !!! what medicines are they for easing ad depression?

A. there is a lot of use for Prozac in all sorts of depression, but that's not a "wonder medication" it's not working if you just take the pills. it has to be accompanied by a therapy or it's almost useless.

Q. what are the tests ad steps involved in diagnosis of breast cancer and are all tests reliable?

A. It depends a lot on the age of the patient, but generally the evaluation of breast mass starts with medical history of the patient (including risk factors for breast cancers such as family history and gynecological background) and examining the mass, some times during different phases of the menstrual cycle.

Masses in women younger than 35 years old are usually evaluated initially by ultrasound examination. If the mass is cyst, it could be aspirated. Sometimes, when the mass is suspicious, it may be punctured with a fine needle (FNA) in order to get tissue for pathological examination. Mammography is usually not performed in women younger than 35 because the breasts are too solid.

Masses in women older than 35 will usually undergo mammography and US examination before FNA or other biopsy procedure. In general, breast masses that are not deemed benign should undergo biopsy in this age group.

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In connection with the offering, the company will issue 484,848 registered American Depository Shares (ADSs) at a purchase price of $8.25 per ADS in a registered direct offering.
In February 2015, HDFC Bank had raised Rs 9,880 crore from share sale in the secondary market by a private entity to overseas and domestic investors through a mix of qualified institutional placement and American depository shares.
Priceline bought up to 129,200 American Depository Shares of Ctrip each day between Sept.
Its shares are listed on the London and Dublin stock exchanges, and its American Depository Shares are listed in the New York Stock Exchange.
Its shares are listed on the London and Dublin stock exchanges as well as on the New York Stock Exchange in the form of American depository shares.
Mexican airline Volaris filed with US regulators for a initial public offering Volaris Aviation, operator of low-cost Mexican airline Volaris, filed with US regulators to raise up to USD$100 million in an initial public offering of American Depository Shares. Deutsche Bank Securities, Morgan Stanley and UBS Investment bank are underwriting the IPO, Volaris told the US Securities and Exchange Commission in a preliminary prospectus.
The programme authorises the company to repurchase up to USD110m of its American Depository Shares, in the open market or through privately negotiated deals.
The clinical research organization's American Depository Shares were priced at $15 each, near the midpoint of the company's $14.50 to $16.50 range.
Samson's Ordinary Shares are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange under the symbol "SSN." Samson's American Depository Shares (ADSs) are traded on the New York Stock Exchange AMEX under the symbol "SSN." Each ADS represents 20 fully paid Ordinary Shares of Samson.
Aabar, which held its board meeting on Wednesday, also said it refinanced an existing loan relating to its American Depository Shares in Banco Santander (Brazil) SA, the subsidiary of Banco Santander.
With about 65,000 American depository shares of Cadbury, David Carr, chief investment officer of Oak Value Capital Management, said: "I do not think this price reflects the value of the company.

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