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Abbreviation for:
acute death syndrome
acute diarrhoeal syndrome
adult day services
alcohol and drug services
alcohol dependence scale
Appraisal of Diabetes Scale
anonymous donor sperm
Attribution Data Set (Medspeak-UK)
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Patient discussion about ADS

Q. guys !!! what medicines are they for easing ad depression?

A. there is a lot of use for Prozac in all sorts of depression, but that's not a "wonder medication" it's not working if you just take the pills. it has to be accompanied by a therapy or it's almost useless.

Q. what are the tests ad steps involved in diagnosis of breast cancer and are all tests reliable?

A. It depends a lot on the age of the patient, but generally the evaluation of breast mass starts with medical history of the patient (including risk factors for breast cancers such as family history and gynecological background) and examining the mass, some times during different phases of the menstrual cycle.

Masses in women younger than 35 years old are usually evaluated initially by ultrasound examination. If the mass is cyst, it could be aspirated. Sometimes, when the mass is suspicious, it may be punctured with a fine needle (FNA) in order to get tissue for pathological examination. Mammography is usually not performed in women younger than 35 because the breasts are too solid.

Masses in women older than 35 will usually undergo mammography and US examination before FNA or other biopsy procedure. In general, breast masses that are not deemed benign should undergo biopsy in this age group.

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The dividend amount that will be paid to Sohu will be an estimated USD337m, which it does not expect to pay any as dividend to its shareholders or holders of Sohu American depositary shares. The proceeds will be used to support its operations.
For each restricted American depositary share, the investors have agreed to pay the company a negotiated price of USD0.15 to raise USD52.823m in aggregate gross proceeds, before deducting estimated offering expenses of approximately USD0.6m.
Ltd (NYSE: JKS), a company involved in the solar PV industry, has completed its follow-on public offering of 4,370,000 American depositary shares.
Earnings per share for 2008 were MXN1.37, or USD0.79 per American Depositary Share (ADS).
Upon the completion of the merger, the company will become a privately held company, and its American depositary shares, each representing one ordinary share of the company, will no longer be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
ReneSola Ltd (NYSE: SOL), a technology provider of solar PV products, has announced the pricing of a registered direct offering of around USD70m in American Depositary Shares.
Gravity announced that it will effect a ratio change of its American Depositary Share previously approved by the company's board of directors at a meeting held on July 27, 2018.
Under the deal, China Neptunus Drugstore will acquire China Nepstar for a cash consideration equal to USD1.31 per ordinary share of the company or USD 2.62 per American depositary share of the company, on the basis that one American depositary share shall represent two shares, in a transaction implying company's enterprise value at approximately USD 258,655,491.4 m, based on the total shares issued and outstanding on a fully diluted basis.
Each American Depositary Share (ADS) of ICICI Bank will continue to represent two underlying equity shares as at present.
One American Depositary Share is equivalent to four ordinary shares of the bank.
Spreadtrum Communications Inc (Nasdaq: SPRD), a fabless semiconductor provider in China, announced on Friday that its board of directors has approved the company's fifth quarterly cash dividend of USD0.10 per American Depositary Share or approximately USD0.0333 per ordinary share, with each American Depositary Share representing three ordinary shares.
On July 25, Tencent Mobility acquired 7,894,737 American Depositary Shares, representing 31,578,948 Class A Ordinary Shares, as part of the IPO at a price per American Depositary Share of $19.

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