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a medium-sized (40-55 lb), thickset dog with very characteristic build and appearance. The head, with a very short face, neck and forequarters, are massive in proportion to the rest of the body and the legs are relatively short. The tail is naturally short. The breed is predisposed to cleft lip and palate, hemivertebra, hydrocephalus, congenital heart defects, spina bifida and upper respiratory structural abnormalities. Called also British bulldog. See also french bulldog.

American Bulldog
a larger dog with longer legs and longer nose than the (British) bulldog. It is said to resemble more closely the earlier version of that breed, as it was when brought to the Americas in colonial times.


see nose lead.
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Prosecutor Elen Owen told the court on Monday how in July 2012 two of Meredith's American bulldogs along with other dogs "ripped into" Mr Thomas' bull which had been brought into a barn pen on the farm.
A judge was told that the American Bulldogs - each worth an estimated PS175 - were stolen a year ago and had not been found, despite the arrest of Lee CooKe the following day.
Finally, the American Bulldog is given a cool-down from his workout, with a 20-minute session of acupuncture designed to relax his muscles and stimulate blood flow.
The five-year-old American bulldog is a new arrival at the Dogs Trust Merseyside centre, in Huyton.
Rhona Greve, 64, was killed by the family's pet American bulldog at the widow's home on Friday night.
But her family have been left devastated after an American bulldog, called Solo, repeatedly bit her, leaving Mrs Greve lying wounded on the floor of her kitchen.
I had recognised the American bulldog breed right away as I know people who have had them as pets.
A 22-YEAR-OLD woman was yesterday recovering in hospital from arm wounds she suffered in an attack by an American bulldog.
We have a 16-week-old American bulldog puppy who was bought as a Christmas present and came to the rescue centre 11 days later," she said.
MY one-year-old American bulldog cross seems to have weak hips.
AN American bulldog attacked a 12-year-old girl - leaving her needing 42 stitches in her face.
Pet NOEL is a chunky American Bulldog about 12-months-old who is in need of a good home.

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