American Botanical Council

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American Botanical Council



A nonprofit organization that disseminates information about herbal medicines to the media, the public, and the scientific and professional communities. ABC publishes HerbalGram, a quarterly journal, among other reference material.

American Botanical Council, a nonprofit educational and research organization that provides infor-mation and promotes the safe and effective use of medicinal plants and phytomedicines. Also called
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This growing popularity caused The American Botanical Council to put together a reference book that works as an excellent resource for doctors, self-medicators, and patients.
The Journal of the American Botanical Council and the Herb Research Foundation.
The American Botanical Council (ABC), Austin, TX, welcomed the adoption of rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) by Jiaherb Inc.
Mark Blumenthal, founder of the nonprofit American Botanical Council, thinks that if the current regulations were to be fully, consistently and effectively enforced, no further regulations would be necessary.
Pharmavite also has a noteworthy consumer education partnership with the American Botanical Council.
BLUMENTHAL is founder and executive director of the American Botanical Council, an independent, nonprofit, research and education organization in Austin, Tex.
AUSTIN, Texas -- The American Botanical Council (ABC) has established the online "ABC Herbal Information Course" for retailers and other organizations that advise patients on the use of herbs.
The American Botanical Council (512-926-4900) reports in a recent HerbClip that 300-600 mg of valerian root extract was found to be as effective as pharmaceutical sedatives.
Mark Blumenthal of the American Botanical Council reminded the delegates that "plants have been used for hundreds of thousands of years.
American Botanical Council in cooperation with Integrative Medicine Communications, Austin, Tex, 1998.

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