American Academy of Periodontics

A·mer·i·can A·cad·e·my of Per·i·o·don·tics

(ă-meri-kăn ă-kadĕ-mē perē-ŏ-dontiks)
A professional organization of dentists who specialize in periodontics.
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As territory manager of hygiene support (TMHS), Murray supports both dentists and dental hygienists in the state of Tennessee by helping them with clinical questions, American Academy of Periodontics and American Dental Association guideline compliance, patient education verbiage, recruiting, training, industry news and continuing education.
Erwin Barrington, a professor of periodontics at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry and a past president of the American Academy of Periodontics. "Gum disease is a naturally occurring disease that is going to strike you at some time in your life.

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