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Greek name of Egyptian god Amun. See: Ammon's horn.


Friedrich A. von, German ophthalmologist and pathologist, 1799-1861. See: Ammon fissure, Ammon prominence.


Greek name of the Egyptian god Amun.
Ammon horn - one of the two interlocking gyri composing the hippocampus, the other being the dentate gyrus. Synonym(s): cornu ammonis
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The two each cereals and cereal by-products determined for AMEn content included corn (Zea mays L.
2011) to be applicable for the prediction of the AMEn values of feedstuffs for broilers:
I developed 'brain envy'; I concluded that with a better brain, these people's lives would be better," Amen recalls.
Through his research, Amen has learned that most psychiatric illnesses are not single or simple disorders.
Amen Bank was founded in 1971 as Credit Foncier et Commercial de Tunisie.
Amen Corner albums include Round Amen Corner, The National Welsh Coast Live Explosion Company, Farewell To The Real Magnificent Seven, Return Of The Magnificent Seven and Greatest Hits.
We continue to enjoy a strong balance sheet with a substantial cash position and healthy free cash flow", said Amen last month.
The iconic phrase was taken from jazz record Shoutin' In That Amen Corner and Wind used it to perfectly sumup the spot where the critical action took place in 1958.
Amen, who is a naturopathic physician, says that the mixture of health-oriented workshops was intentional.
Written by brain expert Daniel Amen, the book examines how the brain works and what can go wrong, including mental disorders and brain injuries.
When facing the people, their manner of saying the Great AMEN sometimes sounds like: "Thank God that's over.
IT'S been a rough 18 months or so for LA metal punks Amen, who seemed on the brink of professional oblivion after losing their record deal and most of their band members in rapid succession.