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Greek name of Egyptian god Amun. See: Ammon's horn.


Friedrich A. von, German ophthalmologist and pathologist, 1799-1861. See: Ammon fissure, Ammon prominence.


Greek name of the Egyptian god Amun.
Ammon horn - one of the two interlocking gyri composing the hippocampus, the other being the dentate gyrus. Synonym(s): cornu ammonis
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i) Equations used specifically to predict the AMEn values of maize and soybean meal included in maize-soybean diets for broilers:
Amen, who is from Colorado, will meet with government officials and community leaders.
Amen urges those suffering to call them on 046 9023 718.
As soon as professionals begin to place the brain at the forefront of their analysis, all else about treatment changes, Amen believes.
BACK ON THE SCENE: Amen return with a new line-up and album
attorney's office declined to comment, other than to note a June 12 news release announcing a guilty plea by the lead defendant, Hussein Alshafei, and the dismissal of the charges against Amen and four others.
Turning from law to lore, the Sages praised the amen response extravagantly.
The last run looks particularly interesting, because although it was on the all-weather, Amen Corner showed plenty of speed and kept on well to finish second to Clarion, who followed up at Lingfield on Monday.
But Aman's demise "would send a very sad message" about how little Americans value the arts, says former Dance/USA director Martin Cohen, who managed Amen in the '80s.
So Baldwin began Amen Corner, a "writing exercise," as he called it, in the form of a play.
We took the brand over on the first of January," Amen says, "and we're currently evaluating all aspects of the brand's marketing and packaging.
Finally, Amen reiterated that its Board has approved a plan whereby the Company will no longer hedge the revenue stream associated with its oil and gas royalties.