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amdoparvovirus 2, which comprises only gray fox amdovirus (1,2).
Phylogenetic analyses of 2 neighborjoining trees of either NS1 or major structural protein (VP2) strongly suggest that RFAV strains cluster into a unique clade between AMDV and gray fox amdovirus species (Figure 2).
Aleutian mink disease virus (AMDV) is currently the only member of the genus Amdovirus in the family Parvoviridae; it can infect diverse breeds of farmed and feral mink, in addition to other mustelids (e.
A highly divergent amdovirus was identified, and the near full genome of this virus was obtained.
By connecting gaps between sequenced viral fragments and amplifying the genome extremities by using PCR primers based on AMDV sequences, the nearly complete genome of the new amdovirus (GenBank accession no.
Sequence analyses confirmed that GFADV was a divergent amdovirus with 76% nt identity with the genome of AMDV.
Pending review by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, GFADV thus appears to be the second reported parvovirus species in the genus Amdovirus.