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an unlooked for or sudden occurrence, often dangerous, such as an accident or an urgent or pressing need.
emergency department an area of a hospital especially equipped and staffed for emergency care. Popularly called emergency room.
emergency medical technician (EMT) a provider of emergency care (health care at the basic life support level); this may include spinal immobilization, administration of oxygen, and control of bleeding. In some states there are modular training programs where an EMT can add skills to the basic level.
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emergency medical technician

n. Abbr. EMT
A person trained and certified to appraise and initiate the administration of emergency care for victims of trauma or acute illness before or during transportation of the victims to a health care facility via ambulance or aircraft.
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pre·hos·pi·tal pro·vid·er

(prē-hos'pi-tăl prŏ-vī'dĕr)
One who provides care in case of medical emergency or trauma.
Synonym(s): emergency medical technician, paramedic.
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MIROS director-general Siti Zaharah Ishak said ambulance drivers should also undergo training on how to drive in an emergency situation.
On his part, the escort who was also identified as Olatunde Emmanuel said that he is a dockworker and that he was offered the sum of N50,000 to follow the ambulance driver out of the gate.
A few minutes later, when an ambulance arrived, the biker hit the 51-year-old ambulance driver with his helmet.
According to the challan, the ambulance driver said that the deceased was shifted to the police station in an injured condition from the place of incident.
Mohamed Gad, head of Egypt's ambulance authority, affirmed that the ambulance driver, Khaled Mohamed, died from his injuries on Thursday.
The plaintiff filed an action against Swartz alleging that its employee, the ambulance driver of who is a licensed EMT, was negligent in causing the second accident, and the delay stemming from the accident resulted in a portion of the plaintiff's leg being amputated.
According to police, the arrested suspect is the ambulance driver who is an addict and stole the vehicle for themoney.
An ambulance driver surrendered after he accidentally killed a pedestrian in Nabunturan, Compostela Valley past midnight Saturday.
The incident in the state capital comes only a few days after an ambulance driver was accused of angrily tilting a stretcher, causing an injured man on the stretcher to fall head first on to the road and suffer more serious injury.
But local media probed the video and discovered the mysterious grey man was in fact ambulance driver Pedro Moguillansky.
The ambulance driver was a causal employee.The governor lauded residents for raising the alarm on the misuse of the ambulance, saying several referral systems had stalled while in the hands of unqualified staff.