emergency medical technician

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an unlooked for or sudden occurrence, often dangerous, such as an accident or an urgent or pressing need.
emergency department an area of a hospital especially equipped and staffed for emergency care. Popularly called emergency room.
emergency medical technician (EMT) a provider of emergency care (health care at the basic life support level); this may include spinal immobilization, administration of oxygen, and control of bleeding. In some states there are modular training programs where an EMT can add skills to the basic level.

emergency medical technician

n. Abbr. EMT
A person trained and certified to appraise and initiate the administration of emergency care for victims of trauma or acute illness before or during transportation of the victims to a health care facility via ambulance or aircraft.

emergency medical technician (EMT)

a person trained in and responsible for the administration of specialized emergency care and the transportation of victims of acute illness or injury to a medical facility in compliance with national standards developed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. In addition to basic life-support skills, the EMT is trained in extrication, operation of emergency vehicles, basic anatomy, basic assessment of injury or illness, triage, care for specific injuries and illnesses, environmental emergencies, childbirth, and transport of the patient. See also emergency medical service.
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Pyramid of care

pre·hos·pi·tal pro·vid·er

(prē-hos'pi-tăl prŏ-vī'dĕr)
One who provides care in case of medical emergency or trauma.
Synonym(s): emergency medical technician, paramedic.
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ice, snow, "slipped") were retrieved manually from each pre-hospital intervention report completed by ambulance attendants.
68) Donald Steele was flown from Glasgow to South Uist on 13 September 1933, accompanied by an ambulance attendant from SAAA, (69) and in 1935 the Association indicated that 'trained attendants are .
To kill not only the fighters on the other side, but every human being who might possibly turn out to harbor hostile intentions, even if they are obviously an ambulance attendant, a driver in a food convoy or a doctor saving lives.
There was the doctor who would not come into the patient's hospital room, the neurologist who avoided eye contact, and the ambulance attendant who angrily threw her bloodied gloves into the street after learning the injured patient she transported was HIV-positive.
Paul street brawler and gambler" who worked for a while as an ambulance attendant.
One evening, am ambulance attendant didn't show up and Carrier was called upon to accompany the driver to a fatal traffic crash.
The ambulance attendant indicated that since the patient was in severe respiratory distress he thought they would come to a "close facility.
Former ambulance attendant John, 59, suffers from Alzheimer's, a devastating and incurable brain disease.
I had to pay my way through school at Portland State and the UO with a few small scholarships and jobs ranging from convenience store clerk to ambulance attendant.
We also pay tribute to the prompt and efficient service provided by Coventry and Warwickshire Ambulance, and to the calm and reassuring treatment given by the ambulance attendant.
Another time, Anselmo, a former emergency medical technician, saw an ambulance attendant administering chest compressions to a shooting victim.