emergency medical services

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e·mer·gen·cy med·i·cal ser·vic·es

(EMS) (ē-mĕr'jĕn-sē med'i-kăl sĕr'vis-ĕz)
An agency that provides prehospital care and transport to the sick and wounded.
Synonym(s): ambulance service, emergency medical service system.
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Jess Cross spoke of the work of volunteer nurses in World War I as part of the Voluntary Aid Detachment, and the Ambulance Corps which was begun by Dr Hector Munro in 1914.
"Additionally, the Town of Haverstraw Police Department would like to thank the Haverstraw Ambulance Corps, Rockland Mobile Care, and the various other EMS agencies and personnel who responded to assist in the care for the victims of this tragic incident," the post said.
Siobhan Tyrrell finds out about Lady Dorothie Feilding, a volunteer nurse and ambulance driver with the Munro Ambulance Corps who became the first woman to earn the Military Medal for bravery.
Crippling hall charges brought the future of one OFWISHAW's longest running voluntary organisations - Wishaw Company of St Andrew's Ambulance Corps - under threat.
Larry Wiersch, CEO of Cetronia Ambulance Corps in South Whitehall Township, said he has known Zentz for more than 20 years and described him as one of the most influential people he has met.
They are hosting a series of free talks around the country this week which will include water safety guidelines for babies and young children while Order of Malta Ireland Ambulance Corps will provide first aid tips for parents.
Getting prompt medical attention for injured soldiers on the frontline often meant the difference between life and death and the motor ambulance corps was formed.
A soon as he could, Walt moved away so he could serve in World War I as a member of the American Ambulance Corps. After the war, he was 19 years old when he moved to Kansas City to find work at an animation studio.
A few of the deeds that are occurring this month are the donation of the Green Carpet for this month's Muscular Dystrophy Association Muscle Team Fundraiser at Chelsea Piers, a contribution to the Carlstadt, NJ, Volunteer Ambulance Corps, a Silver Sponsorship of the New York City Chapter of Corenet, and participation in the 37th Annual Friends of St.
It sid Burhani Ambulance Corps (BAC) is helping Bohra Community members in getting saplings.
Consider "ride-alongs" with local fire departments and ambulance corps or rotations at the emergency department of a local trauma center.