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Emil, U.S. otologist, 1868-1948. See: Amberg lateral sinus line.
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Amberg has been the city manager of Toledo, a town of 3,450, since 2008 and has more than 20 years of public service, Stram said, including extensive experience working with budgets.
Amberg practiced law as a corporate attorney with Flagstar Bank in Troy Michigan.
Our current equipment and capabilities had become inadequate for the present and untenable for our planned growth," Amberg wrote.
Marien Amberg Hospital is a large community and teaching hospital in Amberg, Germany.
Amberg said the 64-year-old sergeant continued procedures Monday to return to active duty for the first time since the alleged desertion to North Korea in 1965.
Depending on who was in power, the good citizens of Amberg were forced to change religions five times during the 15th century, so the beer probably helped as they switched from Catholic, to Lutheran to Calvinist and back again.
To celebrate the launch of Total Effects Hand Treatment, the latest age-zapper in its best-selling range, Olay has teamed up with designer Bill Amberg to give away 25 fab handbags, worth pounds 80 each, to M readers.
I see myself as a teacher and a best friend," says founder Alan Amberg, who hosts the simulcast potpourri every weekday on Chicago's WSBC-AM and WCFJ-AM.
Now they're worried baby Brooklyn could even fall out unless she does the straps up properly on her pounds 210 sheepskin Bill Amberg papoose.
Brauhaus Amberg AG, a German brewery with its HQ in the town of Amberg, has just changed its name to net.
Jones refers questions about Amberg to Josiah Rowe, who says he was looking for someone to fill the position in preparation for his possible retirement in a few years.
Stephen Amberg, The Union Inspiration in American Politics: The Autoworkers and the Making of a Liberal Industrial Order (Philadelphia: Temple University Press 1994)