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Allen Scheid, founder and CEO of Amateur Sports Channel
Among amateur sports, the toughest to insure are the three big ones in the U.
In contrast, an amateur sports league only featuring activities in a single sport was ineligible because CRA was unwilling to accept that activities limited to a single sport could be characterized as other than advancing that sport.
The Community Amateur Sports Club registration with the Inland Revenue means clubs can get tax breaks and exemptions.
Mr Brown said clubs who converted to "Community Amateur Sports Club" status would be entitled to 80pc rates relief, in excess of pounds 1,000 a year.
More than three million amateur sports men and women in Britain need hospital treatment for injuries each year.
1978 Congress enacts the Amateur Sports Act, providing the charter for the U.
This project will help NTC continue to achieve its mission of fostering international and national amateur sports competition, and promoting tennis as healthful recreation for the general public," said IDA Chairman.
Under the guidance of a teacher/coach, teams of four students in grades 4-12 use the Future Problem Solving six-step model to explore challenges and propose action plans to complex societal problems such as fads, financial security, amateur sports, the Internet, and genetic engineering.
John McCain, the Arizona Republican who is chairman of the Commerce Committee, wants a task force of outside experts and Olympic committee members to recommend changes to the 1978 Amateur Sports Act.
They're only after legal betting on amateur sports done in Nevada, which they said exists only because of a "loop-hole" in an earlier federal law.

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