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1. An alcoholic liquor in which bitter vegetable substances (for example, quinine, gentian) have been steeped.
See also: bitter tonic.
2. Bitter vegetable drugs (for example, quassia, gentian, cinchona), usually used as tonics. Synonym(s): amara
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When the congestion of New York City and the confusion of navigating the subway put Amara into a precarious situation, the Baker family's lines of communication have a chance to open.
Amara Hotels and Resorts is for a new generation of world travelers, and we are redefining luxury.
'I personally believe that one of the keys to defeating this menace is improving the standard of education and job creation', Amara suggests.
The court documents revealed that Amara Wedding didn't fully process the photographs that were "raw", "untouched" and "unfinished" because Liao ceased payment. AMARA IRIDESCENT GLASS ROUND TABLE, FROM PS296, AMARA.COM MARTINI GLASS, PS10 FOR 4, DUNELM DECO CHARM GOLD PEACOCK ORNAMENT, PS20, DUNELM COPPER 23CM-TALL CANDLE HOLDER, PS16.99 FOR 2, AMAZON.
Amara, 30, couldn't shake the niggling feeling that was something wasn't quite right and insisted her husband get it checked immediately.
Sezai Dumlupynar said Kut Al Amara played an important role in halting advance of British Army following Ecanakkale Naval Victory.
Under the terms of the deal, Amara Shareholders will be entitled to receive 0.68 new Perseus shares and 0.34 warrants for every Amara share.
When the US-educated 37- year-old took over as the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Amara Raja Batteries in 2003, few would have imagined that one day he will eclipse many of his peers to emerge as the best-performing CEO.
To book for the Amara's grandmother Pam Messham is a technician at Bodnant Welsh Food Centre, and on November 7, Pam, Amara and Amara's mum, Nickie Jones, will be guests of honour at a Winter Wine tasting afternoon at the centre, held in aid of the hospice.
Summary: Jasmin Airways (Enfidha) could commence operations as early as March 2015 airline president, Ali Ben Amara, has told the Destination Tunisie travel magazine.