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1. An alcoholic liquor in which bitter vegetable substances (for example, quinine, gentian) have been steeped.
See also: bitter tonic.
2. Bitter vegetable drugs (for example, quassia, gentian, cinchona), usually used as tonics. Synonym(s): amara


n orally administered drugs made from botanical sources. Bitter in taste, they often are used to activate the gastrointestinal tract, to reduce inflammation, and to work as mild sedatives.


reflex sialogogues. Included in the group are gentian, quassia, nux vomica and quinine.
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In addition to the photographs as promised in the contract, Amara Wedding provided the makeup, hair, photography, flowers and master of ceremony services.
ALL ABOUT THE BABY STEPS You won't find Amara recommending drastic diets.
And Amara, who runs an interior design business, was proved right because experts told him there was further damage to his heart and he urgently needed a second operation.
Meanwhile, an exhibition was organized on the Kut Al Amara, which drew great interest.
The combination values the entire issued share capital of Amara at approximately GBP 68.
By 2007/08 Amara Raja posted a whopping Rs 1,000 crore.
Amara was left with a number of major medical problems after being starved of oxygen in the womb when her identical twin sister Chandra died before they were born, 10 weeks prematurely.
Despite the economic downturn in Tunisia and Europe, the country's traditional main source of tourists, Amara remained optimistic about his carrier's chances insisting that Tunisia would always remain appealing to tourists given its cost-effectiveness as a holiday destination.
Amara Shan, aged 8, who found a bug in her breakfast bowl, above.
Amara was near to her sister Melissa and Wells was near his sister Tammy Rafferty and her husband Bob, an ordained minister.
Amara Malhotra leaves India, marries a millionaire in the United States, suffers the inevitable decline -- divorce, depression and denial -- and then gets a chance to take stock of her life and find love again.
Amara Mining (formerly Cluff Gold) announced the results of a preliminary economic assessment (PEA) and an exploration update for its open-pit Sega gold project in Burkina Faso in mid-October 2012.