Amalgam Toxicity

An adverse effect allegedly caused by the leaching of mercury from dental amalgams, which are up to 50% mercury by weight
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found that symptoms associated with amalgam toxicity match those that characterize chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM) including abnormal fatigue after physical exertion, muscular discomfort and pain, impaired memory and concentration, impaired sleep, depression, and GI problems.
Symptoms found in a survey of 1320 patients with amalgam toxicity, listed in order of the most common first, reveal these findings.
We had toxic carpets a few years ago; we've had dental amalgam toxicity which hangs on; then we've had silicone breast implants.
JOM published pioneering research on candiasis in 1978, mercury amalgam toxicity in 1982, and chronic fatigue syndrome in 1988.