Indian gooseberry

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Indian gooseberry, See amla.
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Indian gooseberry.
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Two that come to mind are amalaki (Indian gooseberry) and turmeric.
Amla, Aovla, Amalaki, Dhatriphata, Phyllanthus emblica, Indian gooseberry, Emblic myrobalan) is a tree growing in subtropical and tropical parts of China, India, Indonesia and the Malay Peninsula.
Amalaki (amla) tonic: rejuvenative, alterative (use only a pinch in pregnancy)PV-K+
a leading provider of colocation and hosted business solutions, and Zrii, the world's original Amalaki provider, today announced that Zrii has selected Center 7 to provide its hosting and network management services.
Ginkgo biloba Special Ginkgo leaf, lemon grass, licorice root, spearmint leaf, peppermint leaf, natural lemon flavor, basil leaf, guta kola herb, lemon peel, cinnamon bark, ginger root, standardized ginkgo leaf, extract (24% ginkgo flavonglycosides), Triphala (Haritaki fruit, Bibhitaki fruit, Amalaki fruit), sage leaf, cardamom seed, and ascorbic acid.
Signature eye, face, foot and body cremes, each containing multiple antioxidant ingredients, including olive, coconut and grape seed oils, rooibos, white and green tea, plantain leaf extract, watermelon, amalaki fruit, gingko bilboa leaf, and raspberry, cranberry and rosemary oils.
Chawla YK, Dubey P, Singh P, Nundy S, Tandon BN (1982) Treatment of dyspepsia with Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) an Ayurvedic drug.
This stimulant-free, all-natural supplement contains a blend of six herbs: wild chicory, king of bitters, grapes, dates, bhumyamalaki and amalaki.