agaric (agaricic) acid

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a·gar·ic (a·gar·i·cic) acid

(ă-gar'ik ă-gar-is'ik as'id),
A principle obtained from agaric, formerly used as an anhidrotic agent.
Synonym(s): amadou
[G. agarikon, a kind of fungus]
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Apres plusieurs heures d'affrontements a Bamako, des militaires du rang diriges par le capitaine Amadou Sanogo ont annonce jeudi avoir renverse le regime du president Toure, qu'ils accusent, ainsi que leurs superieurs hierarchiques, d'incompetence dans la lutte contre la rebellion touareg et les groupes islamistes dans le nord du pays.
Though the Justice Department has not heeded the wishes of the many concerned Americans throughout our nation who are convinced that on February 4th, 1999 Amadou Diallo was not only deprived of his life but stripped of his civil rights and the freedom to stand peaceably on his doorstep minding his own business, we remain deeply committed to the struggle against racial profiling and police brutality.
Le Comite national pour le redressement de la democratie et la restauration de l'Etat (CNRDR) a declare jeudi matin a la Radio Television d'Etat du Malique le regime du president Amadou Toumani Toure avait ete renverse?
Niger s minister of planning and land management, Amadou Cisse, expressed his satisfaction with AfDB s operations in the country, describing the achievements as substantial .
Le porte-parole des mutins, le lieutenant Amadou Konare, a denonce "l'incapacite" du gouvernement "a gerer la crise au nord de notre pays", en proie a une rebellion touareg et aux activites de groupes islamistes armes depuis la mi-janvier et a "lutter contre le terrorisme" dans une region oE sevit egalement la branche maghrebine d'Al-Qaida.
Minister of Higher Education, Professor Amadou Tidiane Ba has declared that the African Development Bank (AfDB) has sanctioned 24 billion FCFA (US$52 million) for harmonization of higher education reforms based on the Bologna structure in the eight countries belonging to the West African Economic and Monetary Union.
TSE:SMF) announced that the Prime Minister of Niger, Hama Amadou laid the cornerstone for the Samira Hill gold plant at an official ceremony held yesterday at the mine site.
Steel Pulse's latest and 15th album, "Living Legacy," was released in 1999 and includes 12 Steel Pulse classics as well as "Livications" (dedications celebrating "life") to New York police brutality victims Amadou Diallo and Abner Louima.
Time: 12 Noon When: Thursday, March 2, 2000 Where: (in front of) Harlem Hospital 360 Lenox Avenue What: New York City Municipal Hospital Workers Union Local 420, DC 37, AFSCME, President Jim Butler calls for remembrance of Amadou Diallo the life and death of an African Immigrant unarmed and cut down in the youth of his life in a hail of 41 bullets.
Bass, the prosecution arising from the shooting of Amadou Diallo.
Il a brievement rencontre a l'aeroport des membres de la junte, dont le porte-parole, le lieutenant Amadou Konare.