agaric (agaricic) acid

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a·gar·ic (a·gar·i·cic) acid

(ă-gar'ik ă-gar-is'ik as'id),
A principle obtained from agaric, formerly used as an anhidrotic agent.
Synonym(s): amadou
[G. agarikon, a kind of fungus]
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Amadou The other change saw Kory Roberts come in at centre-half for James Wilson, whose loan spell was cut short this week by Sheffield United so they could sell him to League Two side Lincoln City.
Amadou Sanneh, thanked ITFC for its continued support and affirmed that The Gambia is still depending on tourism but Agriculture remains the primary sector of the Gambian economy with 70 percent of the population of just over two million depending on agriculture.
Executive Members are Amadou Dioulde Diallo (Guinea)and Oumar Babba Traore (Mali).
Single dad Amadou Gillen, 46, could barely contain his joy but went back and finished his 12-hour shift and did not quit his job at Wetherspoon for three days.
93 percent of the vote, while his rival Hama Amadou is far behind at 9.
C'est en tout cas ce qu'a laisse entendre Seini Oumarou, lui-meme candidat a l'election, et arrive troisieme du scrutin, apres le principal challenger Hama Amadou.
When 15-year-old Amadou and his 8-year-old brother, Seydou, left their home in Mali to harvest cacao plants in Ivory Coast, they assumed they would return after a season.
Thirteen-year-old Amadou and his six-year-old brother Seydou leave their drought-ravaged farm in Mali to sign up for work at a cacao plantation on the Ivory Coast to provide for their family.
Information Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement that "al-Abadi, received in his office today, Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Haj Amadou Si and his accompanying delegation, and discussed with him, the situation of displaced people and to provide a decent life for their requirements and enroll their children in schools and the supply of medicines and treatment, in addition to the return of families to the areas that have been liberated and reconstruction them and providing services to them.
McCarthy sponsors one young Gambian, Amadou, to go to school, after he lost his place due to serious illness, and the pair regularly write to each other.
As Red Cross Safe Burials Team Leader Balde Amadou Saldjio explains, it's all about division of labour.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in a meeting with Speaker of the National Assembly of Niger Hama Amadou warned of the hegemonic powers' plots to plunder the wealth and resources of the African countries.