Mario, 20th-century Italian chemist. See: Amadori rearrangement.
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Oberparleiter and Ziegleder [9] have confirmed earlier findings by Hashim and Chaveron [7] and Cros and Jeanjean [8] by identifying Amadori compounds, the first intermediates of Maillard reaction in dried, unroasted cocoa beans.
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During the initial stages of this reaction, Amadori products are formed via glycosylamine as a result of condensation of the carbonyl group of a reducing sugar with amino compounds.
This process involves the formation of a labile Schiff base intermediate followed by the Amadori rearrangement.
Glucose can undergo autoxidation and generate *OH radicals, glucose reacts with proteins in a nonenzymatic manner leading to the development of Amadori products followed by formation of AGEs.
Its mode of action is also not clear but is probably through: (i) inhibition of the breakdown of amadori products (an intermediate in the production of AGEs as a result of glycation); (ii) reducing the toxic effects of ROS; and (iii) scavenging of reactive carbonyl compounds.
The initial reaction between carbonyl groups of sugars and amino groups of proteins results in the formation of a Schiff base, which rapidly undergoes a molecular rearrangement to form a stable ketoamine called an Amadori product.
In addition, Picciano says customers are expanding their investment in Lotus software and he cited as examples Accenture, BASF, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Continental AG, Finishline, General Motors, GlaxoSmithKline, Gruppo Amadori, KBC Bank, Nationwide, Novartis, Phillips Electronics and PNC Bank.
Situazione analoga si verifica anche in Un disco dei Platters e in Questo sangue che impasta la terra in cui Santovito, oramai fuori dall'arma, conduce le indagini autonomamente, scavalcando i canali ufficiali rappresentati, rispettivamente, dal maresciallo Amadori e dal maresciallo Garbin.