Mario, 20th-century Italian chemist. See: Amadori rearrangement.
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(5) HbA1c is a form of hemoglobin that is generated by a non-enzymatic glycation pathway, following a Schiff's base reaction and an Amadori rearrangement that occurs between glucose and the N-terminal valine of the hemoglobin beta chain.
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Bella Mossa (Italian for "good job") is the brainchild of urban planner Marco Amadori. The anti-pollution scheme aims to reduce car journeys and boost "green" travel with incentives like beer, ice cream or cinema tickets for participants who complete eco-friendly walks and rides.
The average age of initiation of 11.9 year olds, shown for this population, reinforces that 6th and 9th graders should be the target for preventive interventions (Forza, Buja, Tognazzo, Vinelli, Baldo & Amadori, 2012).
No obstante, una buena respuesta inmunitaria humoral es evidente desde la primera semana pos-infeccion, tanto en el tipo subclinico como en el agudo (Lopez y Osorio, 2004; Amadori y Razzuoli, 2014), lo cual es detectado por la prueba de ELISA.
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This difference in the glycated amino acid may lead to the different kinetics of the early Amadori reaction.
These Schiff bases are unstable; hence, they rearrange to form Amadori products via chemical transformations.