amacrine cell

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am·a·crine cell

a nerve cell with short branching dendrites but believed to lack an axon; R. Cajal described and named such cells in the retina.

amacrine cell

A modified nerve cell in the retina that has dendrites but no axon.
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without long processes.

amacrine cell
a branched retinal nerve cell without an axon.
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18) Several studies report that the peripheral modulation is mediated by wide-field amacrine cells (ACs).
1973) Receptive field organization of bipolar and amacrine cells in the goldfish retina.
11) Oscillatory potentials may arise on top of the b-wave with increasing stimulus intensity (9) (see Figure 2); these occur due to amacrine cell activity.
Dual expression of GABA or serotonin and dopamine in Xenopus amacrine cells is transient and may be regulated by laminar cues.
Colocalization of GABA-immunoreactivity in neuropeptide- and monoamine-containing amacrine cells in the retina of Bufo marinus.
The density of choline acetyl-transferase-IR (ChAT-IR), [gamma]-aminobutyric acid-IR, and Disabled-1-IR (Dabl glycinergic AII) amacrine cells in control central INL was 1.
Disabled-1 is expressed in type All amacrine cells in the mouse retina.
This was puzzling, because in chicks amacrine cells are the primary retinal cells that are regenerated after injury," Reh said.
Glucagon-containing amacrine cells of the chick retina have been found to respond differentially to the direction (plus or minus) of defocus within two hours of either positive or negative lens wear.
The most consistent and widely reported aspect of the ERG that changes early in DR using animal models and patients is the oscillatory potential implicit time which reflects electrophysiological communication between the amacrine cells and the bipolar cells with interactions from ganglion cells to amacrine cells.
Combining these methods with the whole-cell recording configuration allows characterization of the membrane properties and synaptic inputs of both the small amacrine cells and the large neurons in the outer cell body layer of the VL.