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 [al-ve´o-lus] (pl. alve´oli) (L.)
a little hollow, as the socket of a tooth, a follicle of an acinous gland, or a pulmonary alveolus. adj., adj alve´olar.
dental alveoli the cavities or sockets of either jaw, in which the roots of the teeth are embedded.
pulmonary alveoli small outpouchings along the walls of the alveolar sacs and alveolar ducts; through them, gas exchange takes place between alveolar gas and pulmonary capillary blood.


Plural of alveolus.


Plural of alveolus.


(al-ve'o-lus ) (al-ve'o-li?, -le?) plural.alveoli [L. alveolus, small hollow, cavity]
1. A small hollow.
2. The bony socket of a tooth.
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3. An air sac of the lungs. See: illustration
4. Any of the honeycombed depressions of the gastric mucous membrane.
5. A follicle of a racemose gland.

alveoli of the breast

Glandular structures arranged in clusters throughout the breast and the site of milk synthesis.

alveolus dentalis

A tooth socket.

pulmonary alveolus

Any of the terminal epithelial sacs of an alveolar duct where gases are exchanged in respiration. It is informally called an “air sac.” Synonym: alveolar sac

alveoli pulmonis

Pulmonary alveoli.


Small air sacs or cavities in the lung that give the tissue a honeycomb appearance and expand its surface area for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
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In particular, the authors aim to study the LU angulation in the posterior mandibular region, and its potential correlation with the alveolar process height, the distance between the apical region of the dental alveoli and the inferior alveolar nerve canal, and the bucco-lingual width of the alveolar process in the same region.
Structurally, there are septal walls and pores of Kohn between neighboring alveoli, which are expected to strongly affect airflow and particle deposition, but whose influences have rarely been studied.
In COPD patients, who are aged 45 to 60 and smokers, emphysematous areas are defined as the expansion of the airways and alveoli in areas ranging from distal airways to bronchioles and alveoli (13).
The histopathology revealed lung tissue exhibiting variable sized lung alveoli containing amorphous eosinophilic material.
Cryobiopsies Are Larger and Contain More Alveoli and Small Airways Than Conventional Biopsies
From the centre of such a bronchiole, a perpendicular was dropped to the edge of the Acinus (Connective tissue septum or pleura), and the number of alveoli cut by this line was then counted.
It's very difficult to revive a person's alveoli after they have collapsed.