alveolar process of maxilla

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al·ve·o·lar pro·cess of maxilla

the projecting ridge on the inferior surface of the body of the maxilla that contains the tooth sockets; the term is also applied to the superior aspect of the body of the mandible, containing the tooth sockets of the lower jaw.

al·ve·o·lar pro·cess of max·il·la

(al-vēŏ-lăr proses mak-silă) [TA]
Projecting ridge on inferior surface of body of maxilla that contains the tooth sockets; also denotes superior aspect of body of mandible, containing tooth sockets of the lower jaw.
Synonym(s): alveolar body, alveolar bone (2) , alveolar border (2) , alveolar ridge, basal ridge (1) , dental process.
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It helps in active molding and repositioning of the deformed nasal cartilages and alveolar processes, as well as lengthening of deficient columella.
The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of obesity on the loss of alveolar processes.
Healing of alveolar processes experimental fractures of maxilla under therapeutic mud," Dentistry [Stomatologiya], in Russian, Vol.
Pathologic interpretation of a transbronchial biopsy revealed acute and chronic inflammatory interstitial and alveolar processes, with areas of organizational changes in alveolar spaces associated with proteinaceous material.
The superior wall of the sinus is the orbital floor, and the floor of the maxillary sinus is comprised of the palatine and alveolar processes of the maxilla.