Altmann fixative

Alt·mann fix·a·tive

a bichromate-osmic acid fixative.
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Alt·mann fix·a·tive

(ahlt'mahn fiks'ă-tiv)
A bichromate-osmic acid fixative.
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Richard, German histologist, 1852-1900.
Altmann anilin-acid fuchsin stain - a mixture of picric acid, anilin, and acid fuchsin which stains mitochondria crimson against a yellow background.
Altmann fixative - a bichromate-osmic acid fixative.
Altmann-Gersh method - the method of rapidly freezing a tissue and dehydrating it in a vacuum.
Altmann granule - a granule that has an affinity for fuchsin. Synonym(s): fuchsinophil granule; mitochondrion
Altmann theory - a theory that protoplasm consists of granular particles that are clustered and enclosed in indifferent matter.
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