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Walter Altmann, moderator of the WCC central committee, said in his report presented to the governing body at its August meeting.
Dr Altmann said: 'This situation is indefensible and unacceptable.
Altmann's case is one of many brought by private plaintiffs seeking redress in American courts against foreign states.
Altmann's case, the Austrian authorities attempted to force the
Part of the reason he doesn't automatically include staining, Altmann says, is "to keep costs down." Staining will add roughly a thousand dollars to the price of a typical deck.
(14.) Altmann L, Weinsberg F, Sveinsson K, Lilienthal H, Wiegand H, Winneke G.
Barbara Altmann's critical edition of the Livre du Debat de deux amans (DA), the Livre des Trois jugemens (TJ), and the Livre du Dit de Poissy (P) will be warmly welcomed.
One domestic contractor that has already enjoyed increased profit margins resulting from the Southeast Asian crisis is Ernest Altmann, president and owner of Altmann Construction, a privately held home builder in northern California.
Surgeons at Houston's Methodist Hospital performed the operation on April 27 on Guy Altmann, a student at Texas A&M.
Benton and Altmann, 1964; Jackson and DeFoliart, 1976) and has been collected from a large number of hosts, many of which are undoubtedly accidental: Didelphis, Sorex, Blarina, Glaucomys, Spermophilus, Tamias, Tamiasciurus, Sciurus, Sigmodon, Ondatra, Dipodomys, Perognathus, Neotoma, Onychomys, Reithrodontomys, Microtus, Clethrionomys, Synaptomys, Napaeozapus, Mus, Erethizon, and various carnivores (Morlan, 1955; Benton, 1980; Haddow et al., 1983; Holland, 1985).
IN a recent televivision interview, pensions campaigner, and former Pensions Minister under the Cameron premiership, Baroness Altmann, stated that when Pensions Minister she was always hitting her head against a brick wall, in trying to alter legislation which would help former ASW steelworkers and those in the FAS.
Baroness Ros Altmann, a former pensions minister, said: "The financial settlement must consider pension assets, just as all other money that has stemmed from the marriage."