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If they did revisit the region, I hope that they were able to do a good turn for another trekker or porter suffering from altitude illness.
This can temporarily relieve the symptoms of altitude illness until descent is possible.
Among the 1,326 questionnaire respondents, 318 reported that they had experienced a severe altitude illness during their high-altitude excursion, including 105 who used ACZ and 213 who did not.
The best way to avoid altitude illness is to try to move to high altitudes gradually, giving the body time to adjust and adapt to the lower oxygen levels.
The Lake Louise consensus on the definition of altitude illness.
Five subjects (17%) had a previous history of mountaineering-related injury, 3 (10%) had history of medical illness, including Alzheimer's dementia, ischemic heart disease and chronic pulmonary disorder, and, 5 (17%) experienced high altitude illness during the climbing attempt which led to their demise.
It was asked if anyone had been pre-medicating for prevention of high altitude illness or taking any medicines beforehand.
3] that reports of 52 cases of HAPE from 1992-2000 in French alpine ski resorts at an altitude of only 1400-2400 m is surprising and raises the question if there is a specific risk for high altitude illness among skiers.
Randomised, double blind, placebo controlled comparison of ginkgo biloba and acetazolamide for prevention of acute mountain sickness among Himalayan trekkers: the prevention of high altitude illness trial (PHAIT).
Altitude illness is characterised by tissue hypoxia and oedema, particularly in the brain and lungs.
High altitude illness is much more likely to occur at altitude higher than 2500m than at lower altitudes, but is being increasingly recognized altitude between 1500m to 2500m.
Mountaineers on expeditions on remote peaks traditionally make provision for the risk of altitude illness by allowing time for acclimatisation, and carrying suitable supplies for treatment if such illness should occur.