Franz, 20th-century Swiss physician. See: Meyenburg-Altherr-Uehlinger syndrome.
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The growing tendency, on the part of some stakeholder groups, to influence the implementation and construction of a project (Roulac, 1999; Altherr et al.
Abbas also met with President of the Council of States, Hans Altherr and President of the Swiss National Council HansjE[micro]rg Walter in the Parliament building in Bern and briefed them on the latest political developments and the UN bid.
Sandra Altherr of German advocacy group Pro Wildlife said that meat from whales and dolphins can cause disorders through high concentrations of mercury and PCB.
Additional support was provided by the Alabama State Council on the Arts, Graphic Artist Betty Altherr Howard, The Huntsville Times, and The Women's Guild of the Huntsville Museum of Art.
Plevneliev welcomed in Sofia Thursday Hans Altherr, President of the Council of States of Switzerland, the smaller and upper house of the Swiss Federal Assembly, the Bulgarian Presidency press service reported.
Celebrity chefs include Reiner Calmund, Oliver Altherr of March International, and the AirportOs Managing Director Thomas Schnalke, who will team up to create salad recipes for the airport audience.
Angela Altherr is the director of sales and marketing at Unified Group Services Inc.
The "Fire Alarm" series was written by Elizabeth Moore, with research compiled by Stacey Altherr.
Leaf lounge chair by Lievore, Altherr, Molina for Arper.