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Such solidarity is perhaps particularly necessary in a world in which pronouncements by politicians and policy makers tend to be couched in rationalist terms, far removed from constructive alternativism, as in the following quote from a British Secretary of State for Health, introducing a new initiative to expand (almost exclusively cognitive-behavioral) psychological therapy services: "Successful psychological therapies ensure that the right number of people are offered a choice of the right services at the right time with the right results" (Hewitt, 2007, p.
Personal styles, constructive alternativism, and the provision of a therapeutic service.
Accordingly, constructive alternativism is needed when constructs within such a worldview need updating or revising.
Introducing a new X, in the face of possible Y's clients anticipate (we cannot anticipate or evaluate these for clients) can guide a negotiated process of constructive alternativism, a search for a viable or testable X.