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It was said that all the above distanced Soviet development from alternativeness, bringing it much closer to the capitalist model.
In this situation the new crisis arose out of capitalism by transforming the growing quantitative breakdown into a qualitative one, striking a demolishing blow to the entire previous paradigm of "alternativeness" in development.
The End of Alternativeness? (The USSR, 1989 to 1991)
Expressed from the point of view of alternativeness, what did the alternative to late perestroika look like and why did the procapitalist and prodependency (imitative) alternative triumph?
(79) The fundamental issue presented by the case was compliance with the condition of alternativeness. (80) In fact, the ADA had alternative classifications at its disposal, and other stakeholders could classify dental procedures without the need for copying or plagiarizing the ADA's code.
In other words, alternativeness is not available for certain copyrighted works because they produce exclusivity not only as far as reproduction is concerned--a normal attribute of copyrights--but also as far as use is concerned--an attribute that normally pertains to industrial property, such as patent rights.
(4.) Alternativeness is a direct consequence of intellectual property's differentiating function.

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