alternative therapy

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alternative therapy

A therapy that is not part of current standard medical practice, which is used instead of conventional treatment.

Alternative therapy

A therapy is generally called alternative when it is used instead of conventional cancer treatments.
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Physicians, on the other hand, may not ask their patients about their use of alternative therapies, contributing to the "don't ask, don't tell" tradition which seems to surround the use of alternative therapy.
To learn more about alternative therapies for diabetes treatment, contact the National Institutes of Health's Office of Alternative Medicines Clearinghouse at (888) 644-6226.
Alternative therapies are treatments that are neither widely taught in medical schools nor widely practiced in hospitals.
Freedom of choice and personal control in health care decisions is motivating people to use alternative therapies.
Doctors yesterday warned against alternative therapies as the sole means of medical treatment after figures showed that complementary medical practitioners now outnumber GPs in the UK.
According to a study conducted by Arizona State University, injured dancers or those with maladaptive movements rely more on dancer-oriented alternative therapies that involve corrective and rehabilitative sessions than on conventional physical therapy.
According to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), "Reasons cited for the trend toward the use of alternative therapies include dissatisfaction with conventional health care that is perceived as ineffectual, too expensive, or too focused on curing disease rather than maintaining good health.
Providing a professional healthcare service for the whole family, Orrell Park Therapy - part of Orrell Park Pharmacy - can help with a wide variety of problems and will offer a comprehensive range of alternative therapies.
Informatively guiding readers through a comprehensive and "user-friendly" survey and study of the diverse treatments, Beating The Blues aptly addresses such issues as of when it becomes appropriate to seek help from a therapist, which therapies are most effective, safer antidepressants which are helpful for differing levels of depression, and the employment of alternative therapies, including stress management, meditation, relaxation, massage, acupuncture, physical exercise, supplements, and more.
From clinical presentation and diagnosis to concerns of heredity, treatment, and monitoring, both traditional and alternative therapies are reviewed along with all the options--even including research still in progress.
School of Medicine) present 31 chapters that catalogue and explain the range of complementary and alternative therapies for epilepsy, including Asian, herbal and homeopathic therapies; nutritional approaches; hormonal therapy and transcranial magnetic stimulation; oxygen therapies; manipulation and osteopathic therapies; and music, art, and pet therapies.

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