alternative delivery system

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alternative delivery system,

n an arrangement for the provision of dental services in other than the traditional way (e.g., licensed dental provider providing treatment in a fee-for-service dental office).
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Noting that alternative delivery systems like jelly beans, gum balls, sprays and liquids can bring vitamins and nutrients to a person's system faster than traditional capsules and tablets, executives at the companies offering such unusual formulations call them the "wave of the future.
where she managed operations and analysis for multiple consumer loan portfolios and alternative delivery systems for ten years.
Named executive director of alternative delivery systems in 1999, Drake oversees all aspects of continuing and distance education at UW-Platteville, shares ideas and collaborates with advisory boards, and has increased participation in classes by 1,200 percent.
EoACA[pounds sterling]We now have a more complete picture of the intersection between the alternative delivery systems for linear, digital and interactive TV services and there are significant gaps particularly in broadband roll-out.
With fraud statistics on the rise-and new, alternative delivery systems for financial transactions enticing criminals-credit unions are wise to arm themselves with fraud-fighting tools and strategies.
Today's newest prescription methods include alternative delivery systems for hormones like the ones that have made the pill effective and popular.
TTI), a private company based in Florida, USA, specializes in leveraging its patented rapid acting, drug-specific transdermal delivery technology to develop effective alternative delivery systems for valued drugs.
26) Examiners stated that Trust Company also enhanced distribution of banking services through ATMs, on-line banking, telephone banking, and other alternative delivery systems.
studies that have found teleradiology to cost less than alternative delivery systems [10,11,12], detection of potential cost savings from teledermatology [13], a cost analysis of a teleoncology practice [14]).
On the whole, however, institutions must be concerned about the effect that alternative delivery systems will have on access to credit and other banking services for lower-income individuals within their community.
The NSI is also looking at opportunities to meet demand for its programs through alternative delivery systems such as the Internet.
Dave DeMarea, manager of retail alternative delivery systems with Arvest Bank Operations Inc.
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