altered state of consciousness

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al·tered state of con·scious·ness

(awl'tĕrd stāt kon' shŭs-nĕs)
General term indicating that someone is failing to interact with environmental stimuli in a normal manner.
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Dogs exhibiting head pressing are often in altered mental states and unaware of pain or their circumstances.
Emergent EEG in the emergency department in patients with altered mental states. Clin Neurophysiol 2012; 123: 910-7.4.
Russell was fascinated with altered mental states and loved horror, religious turmoil and Gothic excess.
In combination with other activities often a part of ritual--fasting, repetition or call and response, hyperventilation or inhalation of incense--this multisensory stimulation can affect the body in ways that lead to altered mental states. All this combines to powerfully reinforce the beneficial effects of liturgy and ritual.
most of us can be drawn into organized violence relatively easily ....[G]iven certain conditions, 80 percent of us will either collude or directly participate in acts of [improper] violence."); dehumanizing the enemy; authority, obedience, and conformity; bureaucratic and euphemistic distancing; altered mental states; pleasure, power, and bonding; practice, repetition, and contagion; hurt and hatred; and psychological denial.
Second, forensic psychiatrists are often called to evaluate an individual's competency We all evaluate individuals who are in altered mental states, such as dissociation or trance.