altered state of consciousness

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altered state of consciousness (ASC)

Etymology: L, alter, other
any state of awareness that differs from the normal awareness of a conscious person. Altered states of consciousness have been achieved, especially in Eastern cultures, by many individuals using various techniques, such as prolonged fasting, deep breathing, whirling, and chanting. Researchers now recognize that such practices can affect body chemistry and help induce the desired state. Experiments suggest that telepathy, mystical experiences, clairvoyance, and other altered states of consciousness may be subconscious capabilities in most individuals and can be used to improve health and help fight disease.

al·tered state of con·scious·ness

(awl'tĕrd stāt kon' shŭs-nĕs)
General term indicating that someone is failing to interact with environmental stimuli in a normal manner.
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Heat stroke symptoms include hot flushed skin, high fevers (over 104 degrees F), altered mental states such as confusion, and can be accompanied by seizures.
Russell was fascinated with altered mental states and loved horror, religious turmoil and Gothic excess.
In combination with other activities often a part of ritual--fasting, repetition or call and response, hyperventilation or inhalation of incense--this multisensory stimulation can affect the body in ways that lead to altered mental states.
Second, forensic psychiatrists are often called to evaluate an individual's competency We all evaluate individuals who are in altered mental states, such as dissociation or trance.
Codeine, found in many cough syrups, can cause nausea, constipation and altered mental states, while Sudafed can lead to urinary problems, Saliba said.