altered state of consciousness

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altered state of consciousness (ASC)

Etymology: L, alter, other
any state of awareness that differs from the normal awareness of a conscious person. Altered states of consciousness have been achieved, especially in Eastern cultures, by many individuals using various techniques, such as prolonged fasting, deep breathing, whirling, and chanting. Researchers now recognize that such practices can affect body chemistry and help induce the desired state. Experiments suggest that telepathy, mystical experiences, clairvoyance, and other altered states of consciousness may be subconscious capabilities in most individuals and can be used to improve health and help fight disease.

al·tered state of con·scious·ness

(awl'tĕrd stāt kon' shŭs-nĕs)
General term indicating that someone is failing to interact with environmental stimuli in a normal manner.
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These drugs can cause serious health problems, including tremors, chest pains, increased heart rate and blood pressure, seizures and an altered mental state.
Church Street, ambulance requested for 70-year-old male with an altered mental state.
Suspect Sepsis when some of the following signs are present: fever, shivering, altered mental state, shortness of breath, drop in blood pressure and elevated heart rate.
Signs of heat stroke include an altered mental state, not sweating and nausea.
Individuals affected by CS commonly present with headache, confusion, speech disturbances, motor deficits, visual abnormalities, seizures, altered mental state, vertigo, sensory impairment, vomiting and ataxia.
He obviously is capable of actions that he's not aware of when he finds himself in an altered mental state," "Bates Motel" executive producer Carlton Cuse told the (http://www.
None of thirty tested control subjects could mimic these changes in eye movement patterns volitionally, which underlies that hypnosis does indeed involve an altered mental state which is associated with cognitive and motor changes far beyond our volitional control.
in 1996,1 PRES is a term for a radiologico-clinical entity of vasogenic cerebral oedema mainly in the parietal and occipital white matter regions, and presenting with neurological symptoms including headache, altered mental state, visual disturbances, seizures etc.
They prefer to stay in an altered mental state where they don't have to confront pain.
The 500 practice questions in this Step 2 study aid are divided into 17 sections on chest pain, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal bleeding, trauma, resuscitation, altered mental state, headache, fever, poisoning, endocrine emergencies, and wound care.
Intranasal abuse of gabapentin by prison inmates with a prior history of cocaine dependence to obtain an altered mental state has also been reported (Reccoppa, Malcolm & Ware 2004).
In Pinata Neurona, 2003, a pinata in the shape of a neuron was smashed under strobe lights in an attempt to create, represent, and enhance an altered mental state.