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5] Criteria for admission include severe cough, abnormal lung sounds, frothy sputum or foamy material in the airway, hypotension (systolic blood pressure <90 mmHg or mean arterial pressure <60 mmHg) and altered mental status.
In patients who present with multi-factorial causes of altered mental status, it is important to cast a wide net, investigating all causes and treating each individually to improve patient outcomes.
Study physicians asked about patients' consumption of raw or fermented date palm sap and contact with other persons with fever and altered mental status in the month before illness onset; if caregivers were unaware of the patient's exposures, study physicians asked them phone the patient's friends and colleagues about exposures.
Consequently, at our institution, FCA of CSF has become a routine screening method in the workup of patients with altered mental status, even when CNS lymphoma ranks low on the list of potential etiologies.
Benning, age 57, presented to the emergency department with altered mental status, oliguria, hypertension, and nausea.
We describe a case of NMS in a patient who presented with acute onset of altered mental status complicated with aspiration pneumonia.
While his examinations were going on for lung cancer, he developed altered mental status.
Altered mental status with a brief alteration in the level of consciousness following blunt head trauma
Symptoms in people 60 and older are more variable than in younger patients, but three important indications of meningitis in older patients--fever, neck stiffness, and altered mental status that includes such symptoms as sleepiness, confusion, agitation, or irritability--require immediate medical assessment.
On the other hand, in those individuals with ultra-functioning CYP2D6, excessive amounts of morphine may be generated by codeine metabolism, leading to altered mental status and respiratory depression.
The cause of the intoxication is the grayanotoxin which has toxic effects on sodium channels (2) and induces increased parasympathetic tone that causes life-threatening bradycardia, hypotension, and altered mental status (3).